Ara God of Life

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This looks odd…
Maybe not make the limbs incredibly large and try to use a custom torso (those are very useful)

Also I’ve noticed you’re new
Welcome to the boards! :slight_smile:

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reminds me of The Suffering but in ccbs form:

The moc is a “staggering” and not very appeling.
By the name; I don’t feel the godly appearance or power, just a lengthy titan.


He… He is messy. But he looks cool. Good job!

Thanks 100Purse30

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hello sonicbioniclemaster
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the legs are waaaay too spindly and long, and the colours are all over the place. The custom build is nice, but if the design was more cohesive and smooth, it wouldn’t be half bad. Anyway, good effort!

also please try to get a solid background, the whole bedroom thing is kinda distracting

It’s a huge mess with lack of a color scheme, no visible head or limbs, for that matter, and it looks slapped together with every single part you could find.

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@DannyBoyy I have a limited parts supply. That was almost all my parts.

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It’s uh… Interesting, but rather convoluted. Where exactly is the face?

On the top

At least it’s semetricle

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I can sort of see what’s trying to be conveyed here. But it’s sort of just a mess of parts…

Like I can kind of get “legs with things growing and morphing from them” but beyond that the legs are sorta a mess and I don’t really know what’s going on with the rest.

I just wanted to make a tall thing. It’s about two feet tall and besides, the had is the only non extra part`

My issue with this MOC is that it looks messy and unstable. It looks like it could topple over at any second. My best advice: study other giant MOCs and see how those creators do theirs. But don’t blatantly copy them obviously.

And this is important: Do not abandon the concept. I like it a lot and think it works. It has a decent amount of potential and it would be cool too see you continuously improve this over time.

No the moc is actually pretty stable, it can stand up to a gust of wind. It is only weak at the knees and the first part of the tail

wooow is it’s is so cool

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this may be your first m.o.c and sometimes i know when i see good potential all you got to do is practiced i mean my m.o.c were bad as heck so need some help just share some light on what you can do i know and see the try but be sure to stick colors that make you you if you like two three not four then go for it also i saw your others love the titans p.s titan size don’t know the scale but umerak is taken down my friend ) so be sure to stick and use good story and good parts if you want try to see if there more bionicle i had the characters of 2001 and 2015 but i took them apart and build new ones and new m.o.cs good job my friend and be sure to keep building

This was my first moc on the message boards, I’ve been making Mocs since about 2008 or 2010

gotcha bud but like i said keep building never stop

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His newer mocs are… Better then this one.

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I agree

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