Arctic Breez and Arctic Surge

Accompanying Furno through the storms of winter are Breez and Surge.

I decided not to do a back render for Surge because Trans-Blue takes forever to render.

And yes, Surge is intended to stand out.

Here’s Arctic Furno: Arctic Furno


Still love the arctic theme, but I’d love to see the other members of Alpha Team geared up for other harsh environments! Feels like a real possible theme!

Nice work too!


I plan on doing Stormer, Bulk, and Stringer for an arid or burning theme.


What about Nex and Evo? Will you make them?

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What’s the function for? Doesn’t look like the arms are connected, the way they’re attached to the torso.

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Yep, and Rocka.

No function, just a gear :stuck_out_tongue:. The gear can turn though. I’m still learning how to make functions. Check out @BlackboltJohnson’s Blackbolt's Kopaka Tutorial on the base torso. I just made it my own from there.

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I like this series you’ve got going on!

I wonder what the villains could be… Something that isn’t just a bunch of Frost Beasts, hopefully.

Oh, so this is like the new wave of Ninjago sets, huh?

Thank you.


Surge looks good but Breez has too many kinds of green. 2 greens at most would be better.

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Recently I was looking at old Hero Factory sets and these give me a lot nostalgia for the themed hero waves LEGO used to release. I really like the consistency in Surge’s build and color ■■■■■■■■■ feels very “authentic” and reminiscent of the sets. Breez is good too, but I think the use of the classic BIONICLE pieces add textures that aren’t very cohesive with the CCBS parts. It’s definitely good as is, though.