Arctic Furno

Adapted for the bleak taiga, Furno is now equipped with cold-resistant armor, heat blasters, and a new custom body.

Torso design inspired by BlackBoltJohnson.


Cool concept, but the arms and especially the legs feel very small. They could use a lot of length and maybe a bit of bulk.


Good point. Thanks!

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The MOC is rather simple, but it works. I think a custom made weapon would be better than just two Zamor launchers but it’s a nice MOC otherwise.

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A cool design and an interesting spin, the upper arms are a bit bland though.

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Good stuff man. I always cheer for Hero Factory MOCs. And I really like how you improved upon that torso design. Post moar!

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Awesome! Great concept with the new color combo and elemental clash!

I’d buy this if it was a set to be honest!

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@LegoDavid Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind for the next two Arctic mocs.

@Kardax I guess so. Feedback is why I love this community :stuck_out_tongue:

@BlackboltJohnson Thanks! Don’t worry, there’s more coming :stuck_out_tongue:

@PakariNation99 Thanks! I’m glad you like it.