Arcturus the emperor of time

Arcturus is a rule with well known history of honour and glory to his name but unfortunately someone in his empire is trying to overthrow him while Arcturus is unaware of this plot but one night in his sleep he a vision of someone killing him now he is searching for the traitor but with no one to trust as of the time


I like all the gold details, nice job

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Very cool build. I love the textures used especially on the torso.
The little bit of res with the cape is a nice touch and the head really does look like it is a helmet and a crown mixed together.
The only things I think could be improved is the lower arms, which could use some gold and the neck which is very thin and needs some bulking up a little.

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Cool MOC!

Reminds me of my own MOC, Solaris!

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So. Many. Robot . Arms. this is a really cool moc! i like the head design, very inventive.