joevarallis the mad warrior hero

(Character Bio) joevarallis is one of Arcturus’s strongest warriors in the time army. joevarallis is the leader in the brute force division and is the strength trainer as well.
Arcturus is unaware of his troubled deeds out side of the time amy if Arcturus found out nothing good would come out of it.
(Information) joevarallis uses a slightly different style of the bignicle frame design.
joevarallis’s sickle is used as a weapon for close combat and a tool for digging up ancient artefact for his emperor to please him with respect.
joevarallis swords called darkermen blades which have the ability to meke his foes yield to his will making them easier to kill.


that head design is great!

you also made that rhyme, so Bonus Heyzorks Points


I like the shaping.

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Nice, the shaping looks really interesting, very alien. The chest design is fantastic.

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