Arena Battle II (RP Sign ups)

Accepted. Join anytime.

Is this RP dead or would there have been a sign that it was other than the sign ups being relatively dry to indicate that? Just asking because I’ve just been dying to use these characters somewhere. Anywhere. And this place fits with their adventurous natures.

The RP is very much active. We just haven’t received any new characters in a while. If you want to sign up some characters, please feel free to do so.


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Name: Maki

Gender: Female

Race/Species: Toa of Water

Place of Residence: Ga Okio, Okoh Nui

Powers/Abilities(optional) Water Manipulation, Protection from incoming attacks so long as she has knowledge of it (Kanohi Hau), Manipulation of other liquids that aren’t too basic but aren’t incredibly acidic, staying only 1 or 2 spaces away on the PH scale from water.

Weapon(s):Trident, (i’m counting it) Kanohi Hau, Mask of Shielding

Description/Image of Appearance:

Personality/Bio: Toa Maki was the leader of the Toa Okio, guardians of the island of Okoh Nui and former Matoran. She and the team disbanded on the grounds that the island was at peace, however, they would rejoin as soon as there was a new threat on the island. She is reckless, often getting her team into life-or-death situations IN THE MIDDLE of their life-or-death conflicts with the Makuta creatures that had been pulling the strings of their governing bodies. She is carefree, often going on long boat-rides just to take her minds off things. She is usually accompanied by her close companion Jarka, the Toa of Stone. They were the founders of the team. Lastly, Maki is quick-witted and knows how to get out of the trouble she causes.

Accepted. Join anytime.

but wait. there’s more. I’m making Jarka next, as they are good companions who never leave eachother’s side.

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I’d suggest changing this to Toa, as it makes things slightly less confusing.

Name: Jarka

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Toa of Stone

Place of Residence: Po Okio, Okoh Nui

Powers/Abilities(optional) Create, manipulate, and absorb rocks, See through solid objects, and telescopic vision (Kanohi Akaku)

Weapon(s): a Circular Saw used as a shield, and a double bladed dagger.

Description/Image of Appearance:


Personality/Bio: Jarka, was 2nd in command leading the Toa Okio, and was a once a Po Matoran. He was more tactical, and was able to keep Maki’s self-destructive nature in check. The problem was; Jarka just kinda hates people. Maki’s one of his very few, if not his only friend. He barely respects the Toa Team that he leads, as most if them are just doing it because they were forced to because, well, they were the only ones that could. Maki helped him see what a fool he was and helped him and their team defeat the Makuta. More on his personality, Jarka is smart, selfless, and brave; You know, the best traits to have in a Toa. It’s just held down by his incredible apathy for the world around him.

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Accepted. Join anytime.

Name: Makuta Therak
Gender: male
Abilities: Typical makuta powers: Though doesn’t use alot of them for moral reasons. wears a mask that combines the powers of almost all known masks, those exclude are one-of-a-kind masks, nuva masks and legendary masks.

weapons: a large pole arm with a sword/ax combo head, and a small club on the other.


bio: He is the makuta of the island of Otouro in the souther island chains.

His personality is that of a wise caring ruler. He is known to go out of his way to help those in need but can be somewhat inflexible in his administration of justice. Since he is physically stronger than most in his jurisdiction and has been seen assisting the inhabitants with building projects, accomplishing them ahead of schedule. He known to harbor great love for his people, and every week has an open hearing, where any may come speak with him. While he is a good ruler, he is known for being extremely strict, and can be a bit inflexible when it comes to altering laws and sentences. He shows great concern for others, to the point that he forgets to take care of himself but shows no mercy to criminals. He has several different powers, such as the ability to create a shadow hand, and control fear and anger, but does not use them for moral reasons. He can also ■■■■■■■■■■, but rarely does so, because he feels like he is deceiving people when he does so. He is an accomplished warrior, and often can be seen at the front lines, defending Otouro from Skakdi and Visorak raiding parties.

As an alternate to the above.

Name: Glitria

Gender: female

Ablities: Typical Toa of ice powers, Plus all other elements (to be explained below), Akaukau

Equipment: Axe, small rifle, Element gauntlets, which is a pair of armoured gloves, which gives the user control over every know toa element, but can only control 2 at time (1 per glove) and must be focused through the gloves. It also has claws.


Bio: Glitria is the second in command of the monarchy of Ice in my element war story-line. She helped the current ruler eliminate the previous ruler. She later realizes that she was wrong, and helps the Alliance to defeat the Frozen Dominion, in exchange for protection for her people. She is firm in her conviction, and can be distant, but has a great love for the poor, having been in their position herself.

Oof. Sorry, but you’re one week too late. The RP is already over. Sorry.

Gah! of course! When does it restart?

Well, this was the reboot of the original Arena Battle RP. Who knows, perhaps I may make a second reboot on the RP’s one year anniversary. There are plenty of other RPs around here for you to join in the meantime, though.

Oh well. I was looking forward to pointless carnage.

you might find that with 2059: Dark Reflection, Mctoran’s other RP that is still ongoing.

Is Bio allowed?

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Yeah, there are a few bionicle-themed characters. Though I think bionicles would be more fitting for this RP:

It hasn’t yet started, so it would be the easiest for you to enter.

Okay Thanks!