Arena Battle II (RP topic)

“Yes, but we still have yet to see your own capabilities.”

Mark shrugged. “I mean, there’s not much that’s ‘special’ about me. I’m just a simple Glatorian with basic fighting skills. But I still hope I get a chance to fight soon…”

Tuskpelt shifted.
“Hm. I would like to fight the masked man… He has secrets. I want to reveal them.”

“Perhaps he himself is the last contestant?” chimes Leadhead

Mark shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess we’ll just have to find out…”

The next day, it was time for the next match.

As the warriors stepped into the Arena, the crowd cheered. “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the third Arena Battle!” The Gamemaster declared as the crowd
cheered. "I have a feeling that Today’s match will be quite a doozy, so let’s get right into it!"he said as he pulled out an envelope. The Gamemaster opened the letter and read it.

“Today’s match will be: Leadhead versus Tuskpelt! fighters, get ready!”
then, the gong was struck. “FIGHT!”

Tuskpelt readied himself.
“Here we go.” He muttered.

Living up to their name Leadhead let forth a hailstorm of bullets

Tuskpelt rolled to the side and dodged. He teleported behind and slashed at his back.

The slash scraped leadhead’s plates to which they retorted by twirling around and spraying more rounds of ammunition

Q’uiin watched with interest from the stands.

Mark winced as he watched the fight.


Tuskpelt teleported away and fired a flurry of quills at Leadhead.

The quills ricocheted of the armour or sunk harmlessly into the suit.
“Path predicted.” Drones Leadhead as they suddenly whip their claw towards Tuskpelt

Tuskpelt rolled to the side, dodging it. He teleported above Leadhead and fell towards him, slashing if he impacted Leadhead.

As he impacted leadhead rolled into the floor and grabbed Tuskpelt by the leg

Tuskpelt flinched, surprised. He teleported out of the grip and landed away, firing more quills.

Leadhead caught a quill as the rest skidded of their armour.
“Your weapons are ineffective against my superior armour plating”

Tuskpelt frowned and teleported behind Leadhead, ferociously slashing with his claws.

Leadhead simply arced their spine backwards essentially performing a reverse head-but

Tuskpelt bent backwards, avoiding the headbutt. He tried to grab Leadhead’s head.