Arena Battle II (RP topic)

“Tactical retreat.” Grunted Tuskpelt. He teleported to leadhead’s side and jumped, kicking at him with both feet.

Leadhead took the blow but swung heavily with the claw

Tuskpelt ducked and kicked again.

This time Leadhead grabbed their leg and began to crush it

Tuskpelt yelled in pain, teleporting away.

Another object appeared in Leadhead’s hand however this time it was squat and round

“What’s that?” Mark asked out loud.

“Forbidden tuna”

Mark leaned in closer, intrigued…

Leadhead threw it and some more cans of ‘forbidden tuna’ around them in a circle

Tuskpelt teleported further away.

Leadhead simply threw out more ‘forbidden tuna’

Taking a chance, Tuskpelt teleported next to Leadhead and slashed at him.

The nearest five landmines instantly detonated as soon as Tuskpelt got in range

The Kaiju yelled and teleported away, his back smoking.

“Did I strike a nerve?” Chuckled Leadhead

“Literally.” Growled Tuskpelt.

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“Good” muttered Leadhead, the porcelain white eye had returned along with a hint of sadistic glee in their voice"

Tuskpelt shot a round of spines at the mines.

Suddenly, the gong was struck, signifying the end of the match. “Stop! The fight has now concluded. Warriors, please step forward so the victor can be announced…” The Gamemaster said.