Arsenal, Shadow Hunter of Water

Name: Arch "Arsenal" Okicha
Occupation: Dark Hunter, Sniper, mercenary
Element: Water
Team: Shadow Hunters
Weapons: Sonic Sniper, Spinax Blade, Laser Drill, Laser Harpoon, Lava Launcher, Auto-fire Armor piercing Laser Rifle, Shoulder mounted Dagger, Chest mounted Bayonet
Mask: Altered form of Mask of X-Ray Vision.
Weapon: three of the eight weapons are self exclamatory. the Sonic Sniper allows him to ad to his Mask power and blast through any Object he needs to to hit his target. it also hits its target so fast that it would take a miracle or the mask of time to stop the shot. his Spinax Blade acts as a Spinax Launcher and a Blade at once. the indent in the middle of the blade allows him to take the blade itself and use it to disarm others. his Armor Piercing Rifle Allows him to blast at incredible speeds and just as he can use the laser drill and harpoon as swords he can use his Shoulder dagger and Bayonet as extra hand to hand weapons or as a quick assassination weapon.
Element: He has the power to morph the water around his face for air, though this is limited so he has trained for holding his breath for hours on end. and when that fails his pack of weapons has a hidden air tank for fighting underwater that he plugs into the back of his lungs. he can control the element just as well as any water elemental but choses not to...
Mask: His Altered Mask of X-Ray Vision makes it so he can see things Miles away as well. this combined with the Super Scope on his Sonic Sniper Arsenal can shoot up to 50 miles away and still hit his target in 0.65 seconds. leaving over 5 hours (Assuming top speed) for him to pack up and leave.
Bio: Arsenal wasn't the strongest among the New Dark hunters brought to Spherus Magna but he definitely outclassed in Brains, challenging those of even The Shadowed One mind, though he was Smart enough to not challenge him...when the New threat came in and decided to Challenge the Shadowed one and won, Arsenal Knew who he wanted to join. so he brought a few members and Joined The New Threat as The Shadow Hunters. a group of assassins and bounty hunters Loyal to The New Threat. while he has no loyalty to anyone he bides his time...waiting for the right time to strike...

ok! so obviously this is mostly a G2 HF character but I couldn't find a way to make him look slim and still menesint without that head piece and the body structure so my bad ^^;

as for the other they are!

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thanks for the support those who have been here! I will see you all later!
(Also any who know how to create a new tag please let me know...having trouble doing that...)

I feel like this is a Mary Sue


??? Why?

He's overpowered.
He's nothing but a basic HF 2.0 build.


Yeah I kinda mentioned that...



if I may..

Also, this is basically Mark Surge with better weapons


...well...yeah...that's the point...I already explained...

what the heck does that even mean?

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Pointing out the problems on your MoC doesn't automatically fix it.
It pretty much only makes it worse, knowing the creator is too lazy to fix it.
But, I digress.


Obviously I am fixing others of mine...

Honestly that kinda talk is not only rude its not needed...

No offence but what do you have to digress about?

Fixing what?

There really wasn't any way to word that without sounding offensive.

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had some other bad mocs I am fixing...

... ... ...true that, Fair enough...

Not a fan of this, in all honesty.

It;s basically Surge without the chestplate, and a spike to replace that...and I don't know why, that serves no real purpose and doesn't make any logical sense to be chest armor.

He looks fine, but he's in no way impressive or eye-catching.

If that's the case, I would have just made a Surge revamp or mod. This doesn't really qualify him to be a completely different character or you having to go through the trouble of writing up a backstory.

I would save that backstory and use it on a more unique MOC.

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Oh look a hero factory set, that is also a Mary Sue. Groovy.


What happened to Surge?

Shoutout to OP

OK ENOUGH! I am working on him now believe me but the back story is staying...I May change up the armor but the chest plate, head/mask, and right shoulder aremor Are staying, as much as people think he is marry sue believe me he isn't...I actually think the Most Mary Sue character in this has Yet to be reveled(Only because he is a MAJOR part of the story and the guy he serves for is even more powerful...) Still it gives you guys No reason to go all ham on me and judge my set up...I honestly did see this coming but was hoping people here would have enough sense to see there is a bit of a difference between using the actual set and the fact that I am at least trying here...More mocs will be up next week if you guys can trust me enough to wait you will get better mocs then but weather you like them or not is another story...


Um I meant what I said as a complements. I like the simple build, I would recommend back armor, but that's about it. I also enjoy over powered characters, as long as they have something to fight that is just as over powered..


he's overpowered and apparently perfect though with super powered weapons

I mean this is somewhat worth the critique that he needs to improve


I wouldn't say that anyone's judging you. They're criticizing your moc and its backstory. Nobody has any personal issue with you, and I doubt they're actually invested enough in your story to find it more than a little distasteful. When you post stuff online, you need to be ready to take that, because that's what's going to happen whether you'd like it or not.

That said, you really should consider what they're saying. It's not a neccessity; nobody's going to barge into your house and force you to change it, but if you'd like to get better at moc and backstory writing, you might want to take their advice.

But that's just my spiel on this whole thing. Do what you want. It's your creation.

2 Likes he does have to fight against a couple OP characters later on so...yeah...thanks for the compliment and sorry for misinterpreting ^^;

I know I just got into the heat of the moment...

The back story is staying sorry but he isn't as powerful as he sounds...THAT being said I wish someone could just march in and HELP me with it...honestly he is the only character out of ALL my mocs I Really ain't to sure about...