Artahka Entry (Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker)

Here is my entry for Artahka
Entry Photo^

I have been working on him for a while and I think he is pretty good, had to make some minor changes when the rules came out, removed all the dark green. I wanted to go for a intimidating, gentle look. He features his hammer, a tool belt with numerous items attached and robes/cape hanging of his back. He is fully articulated, from fingers to even having butterfly joints in the chest.


His weapon of choice (a really big hammer)

And Artahka in a pose, here he is with Tahu
He is kneeling in the photo, for anyone who can’t tell.

All other required photos (more poses, breakdown.) are located on my Flickr page within the album listed “Canon Contest #2 Meet the Maker”.

And finally, good luck to everyone who is entering the contest!


Love the tool belt. It’s a nice addition that really adds to his character.


Ooooooh. I love the cape and the custom mask. Gives him a really regal and noble stature. Nice job!

-Solaris Magnus


Thanks, I had one heck of a time getting the cape right, tried a knights kingdom cape, but it came off too small.
You can also reposition it to become a robe (see the album)

@Mr.Monopoly Thank you!


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You have no idea how much I love this. This custom mask is pretty neat, the toolbelt adds so much character. The one issue is that the lime green gives him a grandfatherly look, not super imposing. Overall one of my favorite’s so far.


This is a cool interpretation, if a bit messy.

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LOL, it’s funny you say that, I actually designed him with my grandfather in mind.
See, he was this big burly guy that nobody dared mess with but was really nice and gentle once you got to know him, so I tried going for that here.
The mask was more of a fluke, I tried the G2 Mask of Creation, but it was way too small. So I built that just as a placeholder until I could find something better, but it works so well that I just left it!


I really love this one! The thread cape and various tools on the belt are very nice.

Cool and different

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I love this. It’s very close to what I imagined him to look like-the cape, tool belt as well as the armour on the legs. I don’t really like the transparent lime fingers or the overly big hammer but otherwise really cool.

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I love the mask design

Really love the cape, and the brick-built mask. Well done!

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That cape is magnificent! Also, is that Knights Kingdom armor on his shins?
I think he might be too tall though, if I’m looking at that picture of him and Tahu correctly. Probably not a problem though.

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If you see my Flickr, you can convert the cape to a robe, giving him a similar look to the Turaga robes in the movies! (Options! :smiley:)
You bet that’s K.K.II armor, the third year version. They surprisingly fit magically over the lift arms that make up the leg, no gaps! :grinning:
I have some experience in photography, what you’re seeing is a bit of forced perspective using a lower angle and zooming in, to make Artahka look bigger.
He’s actually the same size as Sidorak and Roodaka.

I love various parts of this build! It’s definitely prompting mixed feelings, but the cape, hammer, shins, and translucent fingers are all really cool and unique touches. Very clever build, and I’m liking your style.

Don’t like the mask as much, I’m afraid, but that’s not something that matters for the MoC portion, so it won’t affect the way I vote.

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I wanted to try to bring something new to the lore with this guy, with making what are usually secondary colours more prominent. Also I initially used a lot more HF shells, but after a bit, I didn’t think it would blend well with the over all scheme, so I limited it to three, this way the G1 look isn’t alienated by the smooth pieces. Plus I imagined this would be where all his symbols would be located.
I’m glad to see someone appreciate the build without the mask (as it is and always was) a placeholder.