Artahka, Smith of Legend (Canon Contest #2 - Meet the Maker)

This is my entry to the Artahka round of the canon contest. Initially, I wasn’t going to partake in this round but then I said “screw it” and whipped up something as fast as I could while making it look good. So here it is.

He has one massive smithing hammer and tongs to pull masks and armor out of his forge. He uses a modified kikanalo torso and the legs and arms are, something? His feet are mata feet slapped on top of some liftarms with a gunmetal grey Hau on the front. A lot of these parts don’t come in these colors in real life and if you were to build him he would not be very stable when standing up.
Mask by KhingK The Legendary Mask of Creation by KhingK - Thingiverse
The studio file is here. (If it for some reason does not work please tell me. I could not figure out how to link the file so I did the best I could)

Breakdown Pics



I like this one a lot. Great picture of him working on the Avohkii!

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Did you bother clicking breakdown pics?

oops my bad i see it now sorry

I love the feet construction!

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Thanks! They were the feet of a failed Marendar model I decided to scrap after I made my newest one. The feet work very well on a multitude of different designs. I posted a how-to tutorial on the building tips post in Creations.

I like this one! The color scheme is well done and I like the proportions

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big…very big.

I like this. Unique silhouette, intricate design, right proportions of the hammer to the body.

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I second that

Man, I like aspects of this one, but that torso, man.

It really should be like, half as long. Like, this man went into the taffy stretcher. If you took out the whole middle section with the Mata feet, it would look a whole lot more in proportion.

Right now I just can’t take him seriously because his body is longer than his legs. Well built, otherwise.

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It is very impressive but I find that there are too many parts G2.

Bruh just cuz it’s G2 doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Have you seen some of the others? I am sick of this G1 purism crap. No offense btw just a little annoyed with all this purism stuff.

Also if you need em I can give you more breakdown pics @Eljay and @Mesonak. Some of them might be hard to understand so I can send better ones.


Ya, G2 pieces can really highlight MOCs!

Really like this one alot. Nice blend of the metalic colors and an excellent hammer. Only issue, though minor, is the mata feet on the torso are bit awk. But def not a deal breaker. Great job and good luck!

-Solaris Magnus


For what? I rendered these on “very high” quality so it has to be your computer. These are crystal clear renders.

Sigh seems like more meme-posters. These contests bring them out in droves. Quality is more than fine.

-Solaris Magnus

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@Pakari that’s mainly due to his torso being the Kikanalo torso. If I was allowed to I would update the entry and shorten it a little. Edit: I shortened the torso a little so it should look a little better.


That gold bit on the inika foot on the torso is an illegal joint, is it not?

It is not. The foot is connected to the chest by pins and the gold bit is connected to an axle running through the top pin hole. Even if it was illegal, illegal connections are allowed.

I think he means the stomach plate.
Which is a highly illegal connection that is impossible to make in real life without highly stressing the piece.
Still though, it is allowed.