Artakha at the Forge (Meet the Maker) bionicle canon contest 2 art

Here’s my entry for the Artakha art contest

Artakha forging a kanohi

For the runes on Artahka’s armor, I abstracted and simplified the runes from The G2 mask of creation into simple lines and came up with a few more of my own in that style. Overall, tried to keep the same color scheme and major forms as the winning model.

Mask of Creation

For the mask of creation, I was inspired by tribal masks because of the tribal nature of cultures in the Matoran universe. So, instead of a crown, there is more of a headdress. I tried to incorporate forms from various armor parts and kanohi for the details on the mask.

Thanks for looking!


Ok your coloring and skills with color pencils are fantastic! Cool mask btw



Is he forging the mask of Ultimate Power?

I was thinking the mask of light in the very early stages

It’s a really good art! But, I’m not sure about the mask… it reminds a little too much of the kanohi Volitak (Nuparu mahri’s and Nidhiki’s mask).

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Thanks, I think it’s partly the metallic color that makes it seem similar to the volitak

Your visualization of the Mask of Creation is really unique and quite cool. Good work.

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absolutely love the direction you took the design for the mask. it fits the moc nicely


An actually unique Kanohi shape! I’m impressed. This is a solid entry in my eyes. I also like what you did with those Maxilos shoulders to make them less similar to Vezon’s face – keeping that faithfully would’ve made for an awkward encounter in the insane Great Being’s prison-fortress.


I didn’t think about that, but if Takanuva didn’t bother that Makuta had his face for hands, I don’t think Vezon would mind :laughing:


Having faces where faces aren’t supposed to be is Just a normal Tuesday in the bionicle universe.


Just for fun!