Artakha (Canon Conest #2 - Meet the Maker)

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This is, in my opinion, my best Moc to date. I didn’t want to do the overused Mata Green and Gold or Metru Green and Silver colour schemes, because that’s not how I imagine Artakha. I see him as someone incredibly ancient, and I wanted to convey that with these more faded colours. I also gave him these silver gauntlet-y things, which I see him using like gloves to protect himself from the heat of any molten metal he might be forging.

His hammer is nothing special, but it’s not really meant to be. It’s just a forging tool, not something so ornate that you wouldn’t want to ever hit anything with it.

His articulation is, surprisingly, pretty decent, considering the layers and layers of armour he’s got. It’s not great, but he can still pull of quite a variety of poses.

His hammer can also be stored on his back.

Now for the breakdown.

Here’s his skeleton. The torso is mainly built around a 2015 gearbox, so in theory you could add a gear function to him with little effort.

Here’s a better look at the waist area. You can see that the armour is attached using those clear stand pieces from the DC Minifigures series.

As for his hips, you may notice that the construction is obscured by the cloth piece from Rey. As such, I have made instructions for this area of Artahka.

Instructions for Artakha’s hips and thighs

Instructions for Artakha’s Arms and Hammer

These instructions do have a slight error, the hordika necks holding the shoulder armour in place should have the ball joint pointing forwards instead of backwards.

Parts list for Artakha

I hope you’ve enjoyed my take on Artahka.


This is awesome. It checks all of the boxes for my personal preference:

  • Gray-green colour in the model
  • Gold mask
  • Large/intimidating without being disproportionate
  • Reasonably sized hammer

The shoulders are really interesting too. If I focus on them, they look way too big, but if I look at the whole model, they look just right.

I suspect that this will be close to the top of my list.


The olive green looks great!

I’m sorry I’m a nerd.

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this is awesome.

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Very unique, I like it. The stone/earthy armor works well in that color.


Very nice. I like your choice of colour scheme and its justification.


At least compared to other hammers that have been entered.


That’s the thing though. Either you build it obviously realistic or obviously fantastical. It looks a little off otherwise, in my opinion.

Ah, no wonder no one has ever beheld Artahka! For he was camouflaged!

The textures are very appealing, rustic, earthy… an ancient craftsman from the time before time…

Not quite as bionicle-aesthetic as it could be. but I really like how it blends together smoothly despite being multiple different parts themes.

And the hammer? Simple and straightforward.

I like the inclusion of fabric in here, too.

The mask is also not disproportionately small here, but I wonder how the whole model then scales compared to other models, such as the toa and Tobduk.

Other than that, this is a lovely model, and I look forward to seeing how it does in the contest. Please, keep up the excellent work!


I wasn’t expecting to like this and yet I find myself liking it.
The proportions and textures are on point, and the posing helps so much. The feet seem rather lacking but otherwise this is amazing!


This is pretty nice. Not very Bonkle looking but I’m expecting Artakha to have a bit more complicated armor. Only thing I really don’t like are the big wheels as shoulder pads.


This has too much system and CCBS for a G1 Bionicle moc imo

I like the proportions. Can’t say I like the shoulders though

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This is why olive green is my favorite color.


Well done! The arms are a great example on how a simple build can look impressive. I like the massive shoulder pads, I didn’t know half of these pieces came out in olive green, but that’s nice! This is definitely one of my favorite entries.


I love the build. It reminds me of Master Chief

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You can beef up the hammer a bit and add a friction adder at the elbows to lengthen them out but otherwise this is sick

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i also like the usage of star wars parts without making them look ugly

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@TheJerminator I agree completely.

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this is soo goood!
the integration of system pieces is flawless. no gaps no big empty spaces.
love it. also the cloth piece is neatly integrated.

but I for the contest I feel this looks not fancy enough for arthaka. but that is my own interpetation of the character. this feels like a younger arthaka. still chipping away at the raw materials of his armor. and in the process of making it a piece of art

my opinion aside. this is a TOP tier moc.
great job.


he looks like a buff army guy

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