Artakha (Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker)

Hey there everyone so this is my Artakha Moc for the contest and my second entry in these canon contests. The goal for this one was to make him seem like he could have been released by Lego, lets get it started!

Main Photo:


I chose gold as the armor because I always figured he’d be gold and when the Ekimu mask was released it was a must for me.


The arms are a slight custom build to beef him up instead of using a standard connector piece.



Here is the cape-less back in it’s semi-armored glory.


Size Comparison:

I’ve been waiting to post this guy so I hope you enjoyed, it’s exciting to know that the community will be getting an official Artakha out of this contest so I wish everyone luck![Meet the Maker: Entry List]

(Meet the Maker: Entry List)

BIONICLE Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker


I think you need a minimum of three breakdown photos but other than, great moc. The hands are a little small for the arms though

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Love the hammer design with the wraparound tubes. Good luck in the contest!

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Thank you!

This is a really nice build, I love that you found a use for those pesky red super long axles, too.

And despite the G2 heads and masks are smaller than the G1 heads and masks, you managed to balance it so the head did not at all feel small compared to the rest of the body. Like that’s some excellent work right there.

I do feel there could have been a bit more done with the bottom arms and perhaps hands, as compared to the rest of the body they’re just… there.

But that’s just my thought on the matter. Keep up the excellent work. :+1:

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Nope, just one unless we ask for more.

Thank you for entering! However, you need to post this in the BIONICLE Canon Contest #2 topic, not the other way around. If you don’t do that, it will not be considered entered.

Thank you!


I really like it! Probably my favorite so far, personally I would like the hammer to be all silver or black instead of red, but a really cool design anyways. Great job!

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I like how the you got the feet to have a piston piece connected to it. Given that the foot piece only has one spot to connect to. You were like ■■■■ it am using this foot piece.

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Thank you and yes getting the g2 mask on there while looking proportionate was probably the hardest part of this build lol. I can see why you’d say that thanks for the input :slight_smile:

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Thanks bud!

Just did it not too long ago, thanks for the reminder!