Artakha, Creator of the Sun(Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker)

(Main image)

Inspired by depictions of Aztec deities, built almost entirely with parts from the 1999-2003 era of constraction.

Front view:
Side view:
Back view:
Head breakdown:
Hip breakdown:
Knee breakdown:


I’ve been waiting for this one. Are you considering the headdress to be part of the mask, or is it a separate thing?

I’d be lying if I said I expected your entry to look anything like this. I thought you’d enter something less…avian.

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Well. This is…different to say the least. Not really what I envisioned for him. Bit too skeletal and not as regal as many others. I do like the aztec headcrest though, not sure on the red pieces for it however, doesn’t flow as well with the mask choice and breaks up an otherwise solid color scheme. Regardless, a very interesting and unique take. Best of luck!

-Solaris Magnus


You’ve truly made a MOC worthy of the title of Canon Contest Winner yet again. I will watch this MOC’s tenure with great interest.


I believe Artakha was described as being massive in Reign of Shadows, but very interesting interpretation regardless!


This looks like a joke moc if I ever saw one.

Edit: edit.


He does list an inspiration, but I doubt this is actually what he wants Artakha to look like.

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If I’m honest, this definitely doesn’t quite strike me as what I would imagine a Bonkle smithing god to look like… While I can appreciate the unique design, this strikes me as more of a bipedal rahi build, almost looking like an entity related to the Tahtorak imo. You certainly nailed that Aztec look, though, that’s for sure.

Overall, a solid construction, but not quite enough to garner my vote.


If that’s the case, he really shouldn’t be submitting this moc.

I say this is a joke entry because this is the guy that submitted the winning Helryx moc that at least looks like it has effort put into it. That coupled with the other things he builds on flickr, this is clearly not something he’s building seriously.

Here’s some examples of what he has built before:

So considering this is what his usual Mocs look like, this is nothing more than a joke moc. @Eljay


local zoomer unaware of which lego parts existed before 2003


If that’s the excuse this guy wants to hide behind for what’s essentially another bendy helryx, when he can clearly build something that’s something better, then go ahead


In the spirit of fairness, lets try to look at this from both angles. It is entirely possible that, based on the posted photos and comparison to this moc that it could be in bad faith. To play devil’s advocate, it may not and may simple be an alternative interpretation without any ill intent. I think the bigger issue here is one regarding potential community response. Thinking back to Hoseryx, it snowballed out of control due to people pushing an entry, that while maybe not in bad faith, had the potential to derail the contest. This could have such potential as well. As such, I believe that the moderators put in a clause regarding this for this contest. But I won’t presume to speak for them. @Mesonak @Eljay. Lets please keep it civil until they can respond!

-Solaris Magnus


Having seen Double’s progress while building this, I can confirm that this wasn’t a joke entry and he did put effort into this. It may not look that way to you, but much more work went into this than his Helryx.


Aight so here’s the deal.

I can’t make an official ruling on behalf of @Eljay and @Mesonak, however what I can do is remind everyone that regardless of the contests we have certain rules, namely:

Keep it Civil.

I understand there are plenty of people with personal issues with the person who’s posted this MoC, however I fail to see where that is an issue with the MoC itself or it’s standing in the contest. I also urge anyone to actually read the MoC’s topic, as comparing builds using CCBS to one that pointedly uses only parts from 2003 and earlier is false equivalence.

The canon contest rules say such (Emphasis mine):

11. We reserve the right to disqualify, at any time, any entry that we have reason to believe has been entered in bad faith or in an attempt to disrupt the voting process, or any entry we have reason to believe may disrupt the voting process.

Until such a time as Eljay or Meso confirm one way or another for this MoC, I urge everyone to follow the cardinal rule: If you don’t like it, don’t vote for it.



You know what. I like this. The Aztec style is very unique compared to the other entries.


Nooo, you can’t just make something with inhuman proportions! it’s a joke! These robots must be humanlike and use modern pieces!


To be honest, I actually kinda like this MOC, moreso than the Helryx one.

The thinner, taller, deified appearance is very unique among the other entries, and the headdress is a cool concept.

@Pylonmadness didn’t say anything about proportions

He was talking about the effort put in this thing, because you can make something good that has inhuman proportions and uses primarily old pieces. Just look at this entry: Arthaka - The Burning Forge (Bionicle Canon Contest #2: Meet The Maker). It has some newer pieces but they don’t look out of place. So I really think that Double could have done something better with his skills


“Effort” is subjective. I would say it takes just as much skill and creativity to make something look good with a limited selection of parts as it does to make something look good with a massive abundance of them.