Artakha, creator, that was created by the Great Beings (Canonization Contest #2: Meet the Maker)

But first there is one thing I want to say: that mask was not created by me, it is KhingK’s and Galva’s. I just used their parts in a “creative way”. If I have broken a rule or law, I apologise in advance and will correct the mistake as fast as I can.

Behold, his majesty Artakha, king of Artakha. After 4 months I have completed my biggest and greatest MOC.

(TTV cast, I would like the photo below to be used in polls, please)

There are some stats (all according to Studio):

  • Piece count: 530 (!) He would be on 8th place within G1 Bionicle constraction sets and combiners, released as sets.
  • Painted pieces: approximately 90 (±7). Most of them (80+) are need to be repainted in sand green.
  • Set height: 29.6 cm or 11.7 inches.
  • Character height (if we say that Tarix is 7.2 feet tall): approximately 9.9 feet (Mask is counted). It exactly fits “roughly 10 feet tall” description.

There were muuuch concepts. They are:

  • Anti Makuta (he is a creator too, but he is better with vehicles, while Makuta are better in viruses). I is to hard to show, but I’ve tryed by not including in the MOC any “organical”-looking pieces.
  • Karzahni’s brother, but also anti Karzahni. I’ve made his Mask (but it is a placeholder, of course) assymetrical, similar to Karzahni’s original form of Olisi, but Artakha is more tall and thin and less bulky.
  • Both good guy and bad guy (according to this quote: " Once we are there, my master will speak with you … or not … depending on his whim. He may open his fortress for the first time in millennia and welcome you in — or he may banish you forever without a second thought. "
    — A Matoran to the Toa Nuva, Toa Nuva Blog, and some ohter things). I’ve given him some spikes on the right side to show “dark” side.
  • Ancient being as well as a young one (there are several descriptions of his voice to sound bot “indescribably ancient, and yet young at the same time”). His armor is intact, new on one side, and broken, ancient on the other.
  • A great creator and a great warrior (before using the Mask of Creation, he defeated Karzahni, and Karzahni is not to be easily defeated, you know). I’ve given him not-very-war-hammer, more of a forge instrument, but he looks quite battle-ready.

So you see, there are many different personalities in him. To ultimately show it I’ve made him with differently colored eyes (it might be hard to see, but they are trans-neon green and trans-light blue). No Bionicle character has such a feature (aside from Kraawa, but it is different)!

Size comparision photo. He looks outstanding, but similar to other sets. Also he features the 2006 construction of legs using those pistons. Additionally, those silver parts are his actual, detachable armor, which is very smooth and elegant by the way. He has heartlight under it. And, I must mention it, several (6 or so, some of them are pretty small) pieces of armor wobble slightly, I am sorry for that.

He even has kind of a function! Using 3 additional pieces you can store the warhammer on his back.

There are some edited photos:

There are some additional info and photos:

I recommend to look this one while reading for the first time. There are calrifictions on purity of the MOC.

Those are photos with Studio Collision Mode on, and it shows whether or not one piece overlaps another.

I sincerely apologize for that tube sticking out (that is why it says that it is illegal), but there is no other way to attach it. Also, it is connected without any connection points, as you can see.

Those issues in hips and feet are Studio bugs, those connections are legal, you can check it in the breakdown photos.

Front, side and back photos

Breakdown photos in form of instruction

instruction 1 instruction 2 instruction 3 instruction 4 instruction 5 instruction 6

Those red things are rubber bands. Since there no rubber bands in Studio and they do not alter the overall look of the MOC, I drew them. They are needed to prevent wobbling of armor.

Here is the link for all three Masks of Creation and the Studio file.
So, overall I am realy satisfyed with my work, hope you like it as I do. One more time, I want to remind, that Kanohi and (maybe) hammer will be redesigned during the next stage of the contest, so do not pay much attention on them. Any critics, comments or questions are apperciated and will be answered.
Good luck to all! Hail the Canonization Contests!


Looks pretty well made, even though I’m not a fan of how slender this interpretation is (maybe that’s just the Bufftakhas getting to me…) The hammer is a nice interpretation, being ornate and combat-worthy but still usable as a forge hammer


The mask of creation was not created for Artakha but your idea was cool none the less

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I love Mocs where the mask contrasts from the color scheme!

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Cool moc, the armor has a solid techic-ey vibe. I also really like that hammer.

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Nice MOC. I haven’t seen anyone else go for an asymmetric build in this contest. That’s a unique and cool idea! It kind of helps in showing that Artakha is very old, almost like pieces of his armour have been damaged from centuries of use.


Thank you, all!
@Hawkflight He is thin to look like a counterpart of Karzahni - they are opposites (and not opposites, at the same time)
@KanohiReqi It wasn’t, but I think that it hits the description. Also, the mask is placehoder, you know.
@Cordax That adds Toa Mata wibe, and it is really makes sense.
@Frigin I’ve tryied to make him look mechanical, using that tube, bushes, pistons and so on. I am very glad you saw it.
@Atobe_Brick Yes, that is exactly how that armor should look (read the 4th bullet under the second photo). I too find it strange that there is no assymetric MOCs for such a character.

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Well that look very good and coherent. I think you might have my vote.

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Always good to see another Studio moc. The two-sided thing you have going on is a really nice touch, especially with the head and mask, it really emphasises the parallel between Artakha and Karzahni. Really good job overall!

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Something about this really resonates with me, great job!

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Hey, thank you so much for entering!

Unfortunately, we can’t quite accept this yet. We are going to request that you upload these files to another file hosting website. The MOC file can be hosted on Google Drive, and the mask file on either Drive or Thingiverse.

If you can do that within the next three days, we’ll be good to go! Thank you!

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@Eljay I have updated the link, it is in the end of the main topic post. Now all the four files are in one place. Is it working?

@JeyTheCount, @Avaru, @Propulsion Thank you much! @Avaru Yes, the assymetry was the main concept from the very begining.