Artakha, G1 style build (Meet the Maker contest entry)

This is my entry for the Artakha contest. I wanted to design something that people wouldn’t need to paint parts to build. I also wanted to keep to the style of '06 - '08 Bionicle. I did need to use a unique elbow and forearm design to support the mighty weight of his hammer. I had thought of using a smaller hammer, but I just loved the shape and color of the UCS Batmobile wheels.

It seemed natural for the Mask of Creation to also be gold in G1, seeing as other rare or legendary masks tend to gold until something bad happens to them. (Tarnished Vahi, mid-countdown Ignika, shadow leeched Avohkii) It also seemed fitting for the mask not to be only piece of gold on the build.

I made sure the neck joint can easily be replaced with a socket to accommodate a Metru head. I didn’t want to use the same feet as Karzahni (because they’re mutated), but they were the right size. I used the gray ones form Lewa Phantoka so they wouldn’t be identical, and because they should be easier for people to get.

The 2 neck designs

The Studio file has some collisions due to bad 3d models, but I can assure you that the build works in real life. Although, the one I built in real life is not the right color. The model for the G2 head is also not yet in Studio, so I made a part with the connections for posing. Please just pretend that it’s the real G2 head.
This moc uses Kryakwa’s Biopack for Studio.


Nice work! I’m not a huge fan of the metru feet on the shoulders however.


I wanted the shoulders to be tall, like the mask.

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I think that tall shoulders are a good idea.

I just think they would look a little better if they were gold.
That said, that’s just a minor gripe, and the MOC still looks great regardless.

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They were gold originally, but I changed it because I wasn’t sure about using 2 shades of gold, and Lhikan parts would be harder to come by.

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Thank you for entering! Before we can accept this entry, we will need that model file.

You can upload it to Google Drive and then link that in your post. Please do that before the entry period ends. Thank you!

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I think I did it right. If not, please tell me.

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That looks pretty good! I love that you took the time to digitally render instructions. Quick side note though, the rules do say only one shade of green. you might wanna color swap some pieces real quick… I hope you’re able to qualify!

Thank you for your concern, but the rules also say:


Ah, I see. I was not aware of that rule. In that case, best of luck!