BIONICLE Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker

It was a nice break, but it’s time to hit the forge yet again.

Your quest, should you choose to accept it, is to create the Artakha, the great crafter that created the Toa Mata, the Staff of Artakha, and vehicles held within the core of the universe.

His appearance has only been described once:

“He stood at least 10 feet tall. His armor was gray-green and covered in runes carved at the beginning of time.”
— Reign of Shadows, Chapter 10

His mask has also only been described once, however this won’t matter for the first half of this contest:

“His mask was the most ornate anyone had ever seen – more than just a Kanohi, it was a true work of art. The metallic protodermis from which it was forged was arranged in intricate patterns and designs, each reflecting one of the many cultures that flourished in the universe. The eye slits were angular and pointed, giving him an air of both wisdom and a vague sense of menace.”
— Reign of Shadows, Chapter 10

As such, your Artakha should:

-Be approximately 60% outwardly green. This can be any green, lime is allowed.
-Be tall. He is described as being 10 feet tall. Our best comparison would be Tobduk, who has a canon model and is also 10 feet tall. For reference, the Tobduk model is only slightly taller than the Brutaka set.

However, your Artakha must:

-Be only be one shade of green. We will make an exception if the eye stalk is a different green from the character. This is because sand green (canonically the color of Artakha) is harder to find. However, one other exception we will make is that you can include one other shade of green if your entry already has sand green. As such, the green on the MOC will be recolored to sand green in the final artwork.
-Wield a hammer. He does not and never did wield the Staff of Artakha. If you include the Staff, your entry will be disqualified.

And that’s it. As for the mask, let’s discuss that briefly.

This contest will run for three (3) weeks, starting today - September 3rd, 2020 - and ending September 24th, 11:59 PM EDT. During this time, you will need to create your MOC (following the rules listed below) and submit it to this topic here. At that point, you’re good to go! After the entry period has ended, we will create any necessary amount of polls to run for a currently unknown amount of time (no more than two weeks) until a winner is decided. At that point, the second half of this contest will begin to design the Kanohi mask he wears and to create artwork to be canonized with the MOC.

That should be about everything. Please read over all the rules to make sure your creation is good to be entered.


1. Entrants must be 13 years old or older.
1a. Entries may not be entered on behalf of someone younger than 13.

2. All entrants must abide by TTV Message Board rules and guidelines.
2a. If you are permanently banned during the course of the contest, your entry will be disqualified. Suspensions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
2b. Any member found to have a duplicate account will be permanently banned.
2c. Entries must be submitted on behalf of the entry creator themselves. They may not be submitted on behalf of another person.

3. In order to enter, a new topic must be made for the creation with (Meet the Maker) in the title. That topic must then be linked in a post here.
3a. For any of these contests (with the exception of the Toa Hagah contest), only one entry may be entered per person.
3b. Winners of prior contests are allowed to enter additional contests.

4. A minimum of four (4) photos must be provided. Front, Side, Back, and an Entry Photo (The one you want used in the polls).
4a. In addition to the 4 photos, you must provided a minimum of one (1) breakdown photo of the MOC.
4b. Further breakdown photos must be provided upon staff request. If they aren’t provided within three (3) days of the request, the entry will be disqualified.
4c. Once your entry has been officially entered and accepted, no further changes can be made without staff approval.
4d. Photos can be hosted on Imgur, Flickr, Brickshelf, or uploaded to the MB.
4e. Your creation may not feature any contemporary war weapons. (I.e Tanks, fully automatic firearms, etc)

5. We encourage your entry to be recognizably within the BIONICLE world. Part of that involves the use of Constraction, however unlike past contests we will not enforce a ratio.
5a. Constraction includes BIONICLE (G1 and G2), Hero Factory, Galidor, Knights Kingdom II large figure pieces, Ben 10 large figure pieces, and all CCBS.

6. 3D printed pieces are allowed.
6a. 3D printed pieces are limited to masks and weapons, for a total allowance of four (4) 3D printed pieces.
6b. Only one (1) of the four (4) 3D printed pieces can be a mask.
6c. For any custom piece used, it must have one (1) point of compatibility with official LEGO pieces.
6d. At this time, the only 3D modelers who have expressly allowed the usage of their pieces are KingSidorak, Galva_, GX_05, KhingK, Vahki6 (for him, check this post), D-S-Creation-Forge.
6e. If an entry utilizes pieces from the aforementioned 3D modelers, they’ll need to provide a link to the free source for the piece. If one does not exist, the piece may not be used.
6f. If an entrant enters with a 3D piece they made themselves, they must provide a link to the 3D model file for free at the time of entry. If no link is included at the time of entry, and not included for three (3) days afterwards, the entry will be disqualified.
6g. By entering a 3D printed piece of their own creation, the entrant agrees that it will be freely available under a creative commons license for all time.

7. MOCs created in LDD and are allowed, however they must abide by the same guidelines as physical MOCs in regards to 3D printed and custom models.
7a. Additionally, the LDD/ file for these creations must be posted along with the MOC, in similar fashion to custom pieces made by the entrant.

8. Rules on non-purism:
8a. Cut pieces and cut stickers are not allowed.
8b. Glued pieces and glued stickers are not allowed.
8c. Non-LEGO cloth, rubberbands, stickers, and strings are not allowed.
8d. Third-party or bootleg pieces not identical in mold to LEGO pieces (I.e: MegaBLOKS, bootleg constraction pieces) are not allowed.
8e. Painted and dyed pieces are allowed, however only monotone paint jobs are allowed. (I.e: A mask can not be painted/dyed with two colors)
8f. Replicas of the above will fall under their category of replication. (I.e: If a resin mold is made of a cut-and-glued mask, it will be considered a cut-and-glued mask and will not be permitted for use in an entry.)
8g. Pieces that only exist in printed varieties that have had the printing removed or have been painted are not allowed. However, if the pieces are not unique and have been released non-printed in other colors, they may have the printing removed or may be painted over.
8h. Illegal connections are allowed, however we encourage individuals to not use those that will damage pieces in long or short term.

9. MOCs/Artwork created before this contest can be submitted, provided they abide by these rules/guidelines. However, the creations must be entered by the creator of said MOC/Art.
9a. To expand on the last sentence, entries must be entered by the creator themselves. Any MOC entered on behalf of another person, new or otherwise, will be disqualified until submitted by the creator them self.

10. We encourage MOCs representing canister-sized figures to attempt to adhere to the standard canister set size as of 2009, which would be 9 inches, or 22.9 centimeters. To stress, this is a guideline, it is not a rule. You can make your entry however tall you want it to be. In this case, we are of course encouraging a taller MOC since Artakha is taller than a canister set.

11. We reserve the right to disqualify, at any time, any entry that we have reason to believe has been entered in bad faith or in an attempt to disrupt the voting process, or any entry we have reason to believe may disrupt the voting process.

12. We have no rules against vote brigading. However, if any member or participant in either the MOC or Art portion of any of these contests, or an unrelated party who is voting in the Polling portion, is found to be offering compensation (i.e, money, artwork, prizes, etc) for votes, then their account will be suspended for the duration of said contest, their entry will be disqualified (if they entered), and their vote will be subtracted from the final tally. Repeated offenses will result in a permanent ban.

There we have it. Let’s try and do a better job this time. As a reminder, you have until September 24th, 11:59 PM EDT. Get to builder, and best of luck to all!

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Very excited to see what people come up with this time around, I know I’ve already seen a few very nice looking WIPs!


@Eljay Could you clarify what a breakdown photo is / entails? I may just be an idiot, but I assume you mean a semi-deconstructed image of the MOC to show the parts of its build that are otherwise hidden.

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How it will be calculated if an entry has or has not 60% of green parts? Also, if an entry is made in, must it have exactly the sand green color in the first part of the contest? Thanks.

Y’know, I’m happy about this. It definitely will allow some better MOCs to enter, and I’m not too picky about the MOC’s color being spot-on; Greg’s word hasn’t been the most accurate before, so its alright with me.


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It’ll be fairly straight forward to visually see if an entry has a majority of its appearance be green.

They can be either.


Agh! No rest for me I see. Time to get MOCing.



Also I think I understand the rationale for the rule about the mono-green colour. Presumably it’s because it makes it easier for artists to interpret, as say hypothetically if someone made a dark green + sand green MOC (e.g. me :wink: ), an artist would have to know what to represent both colours as. But I wonder whether it’s a bit arbitrary and somewhat restrictive for people who have already built an Artakha MOC in preparation for this contest.

I must have interpreted the gray-green description different than everyone else, I thought he was grey and green, so I’m not sure if my moc is green enough

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Sorry for the second disturbance, but one more question: Can a MOC have two variants in a single entry, like “Arthakha, batle ready” and “Arthakha, crafter in the forge”? Not realy different models but kinda a variant with armor and without. The closest thing will be Nidhiki’s spider mode. Thak you(again)!
@T4k4nuv4 me too:)

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We’re gonna go with no, sorry. Keep it to one.


Most of us did, Greg clarified later. Like most cases of Greg choosing colours post-hoc, he chose ones that were either weird, unfitting (Every female element is blue), or difficult to work with in MOCs.


Ah, that would make sense. There’s a lot of green on it, I’m just not sure if it’s enough. I’m going to be really disappointed if that’s the detail that disqualifies my entry. I wasn’t prepared for a restriction like that.

Question: Is this a guideline or rule? Does he absolutely need to be around this tall or just generally taller than a toa?
In other words: what’s the grace-period here?

Edit: What about that 60%; If 60% of the pieces are green but not as visible, does that disqualify it?

Right here:

We specify outwardly. It needs to be visibly 60% green.


Hopefully someone doesn’t make a green Ekimu


Alright. Thanks much!

I mean, if they do it doesn’t mean it’s going to win. Still be good to avoid it though

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Oh no but our scale chart

Good luck to all!

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If we assume that Artakha is exactly 10 feet tall, and that a Toa Inika is exactly 7.2 feet tall, and that a Toa Inika set is exactly 9 inches tall, then the Artakha model should be exactly 12.5 inches.

Obviously, none of those assumptions are exactly correct, but that’s the ballpark.