Order of Mata Nui Files #37: Artakha, The Originator

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I’m editing this page into one of my typical OoMN Files posts for consistency’s sake, don’t worry, the original, unedited contest entry topic is hidden just below this text.

Original contest post for archivial purposes

Finally, after having this MOC complete in every way except for colors for the last 2 weeks, I’m entering my Artakha!

Entry Photo:

I tried to stick to detailed, G1-style parts as much as possible, whilst using solely sand green for color as much as I could, to avoid requiring any painted parts besides the Mask.

Of course, there’s a few places on the torso where I’ve incorporated Ben 10 limb parts, but I hope the texture matches the chestplate enough that it looks alright.

Style wise, I tried to make his build look like he was originally an official set which I had revamped. In order to accomplish this, I made the inner structure of the MOC simple enough that you could remove 90% of the filler and accent pieces if you just wanted to have a barebones, BIONICLE G1-style titan.

I also tried to minimize the use of system as much as possible, only relying on it to fill in gaps in the build, and splash some more sand-green here and there.

MOC Slideshow:

" You… imbeciles. You ignorant stone apes… is this how you try to save existence? "
— Artakha, Reign of Shadows

(Expand for more pictures below)

Details & Features:

Greg stated his hammer was taken from his forge to use as a Warhammer, so I tried to made it look like a titan-sized smithing hammer which had been given a longer handle, to make it a Warhammer. Funnily enough, it’s about the size of a real human-scale smithing hammer.

I may have gone with a shorter handle - however there isn’t an axle length long enough to pass through the gunmetal hoses besides the one I’ve used here. Normally, I’d cut one of the tubes down to do this, but part modification isn’t allowed, of course.

The cape is from the Knights Kingdom line, King Mathias specifically. The way its built into the torso puts 0 stress on the fabric, to avoid tearing or fraying the 15 year old fabric.

Beneath his chestplate are some of those sand green fancy-looking fence pieces - which was my attempt at hiding some rune-like details in his armor.

He has built-in storage for his hammer on his back.

He also has an armored waistcape. Figured I’d mention this because they’re somewhat hard to see from the front.

His legs have a similar shape to '03 Makuta Teridax and '07 Karzahni, so I hope they give off that subtle G1-Titan build appearance without looking too ridiculous.

I’m really happy with how these feet came out especially. FYI, they’ve got rubber pieces built in underneath, so they’re really stable!

Height wise, he is precisely 12 inches tall, which is slightly shorter than my Tobduk revamp (which is taller than the original MOC), and taller than my Brutaka revamp (which is shorter than the actual set).

Size comparison w/ an Inika Build:

Mask is the Mask of Creation designed by KhingK, however with some slight neck/head modifications you can swap it to a G2 Mask of Creation as well:

  • Ankles can go all the way forward, left & right, and about 50% of the way back.
  • Knees bend from 180° to just below 90°.
  • Legs can move forward about 90°, back all the way (if you move the waistcape aside), and about 40° to the side.
  • Waistcape can be posed freely.
  • Head has no interference anywhere besides looking up.
  • Shoulders have a full range of articulation everywhere except where the Ben 10 Limbs stick out, and straight up.
  • Elbows swivel and bend from 180° to 90°.
  • Full range of wrist articulation.
  • 5 individually poseable double-jointed fingers on each hand.
    – Total points of articulation: 29

Some of you may recognize my other version of Artakha from YouTube, Artakha, the Great Being of Judgement. If you’re wondering why I didn’t simply enter this version, here’s why:

In my storyline, Artakha was replaced early on in the Matoran Universe’s history by a Great Being named Domarius. (Same way Velika was replaced by a Great Being in Canon). After a while this Great Being took on the name Artakha, and that’s the smaller fella you see here. Eventually, he’ll change his form from the Sand Green & Gunmetal version to the Gold and Green version.

(Speaking of my storyline, want a great way to reach trust level 1 on the boards? Take a gander through Knight of Nights: Knoxus’ Story! I promise it’ll be worth your while!

Turnaround Photos:

Back View (-Cape):

Back View (-Waistcape):

Breakdown Photos:

Required Links & Stuff:

Shapeways Link:
The Legendary Mask of Creation (YMZAR7FNU) by KhingK

Free Download Link:
The Legendary Mask of Creation by KhingK - Thingiverse

Contest Rules Topic:
BIONICLE Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker

Please let me know what you think! (This MOC cost me all the gray/gunmetal parts that I was saving for a MOV of Krakua, so I hope it was worth it!)

PS: You have my word as a BioTuber that if I win, I’ll immediately release a full tutorial on this MOC for anyone looking to re-create it! I’ll still do one if I don’t win as well, but it may take a while, lol.

EDIT: Thank you all for all the massive outpouring of support! I’ve decided to make a Stud.io File and Building Instructions of my Entry available to download for free early as thanks for being so awesome!

Stud.io File Download
Building Instructions Download
Bricklink Wanted List .xml File Download

MOC Instructions & More: https://bit.ly/3flwQYA
How to Build: Coming Soon™!
MOC Review: https://bit.ly/2P5afpW

Slideshow w/ Theme Music:

Name: Artakha
Gender: Male
Species: Sapient Matoran Universe Inhabitant
Element: None
Kanohi: Legendary Xanadu, Mask of Creation
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Order of Mata Nui
Occupation: Ruler of the Island of Artakha
Titles: The Originator
Personality: Imposing, reclusive, generous, creative, wise, mysterious, has trouble making Rahi
Fighting Style: Melee
Abilities: Creation, telepathy, teleportation
Equipment: War-forge hammer

More shots of the MOC!

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This looks incredible dude, i envy your talent sometimes. I hope you win!


Excellent. I have 0 issues whatsoever. Solid color scheme and solid entry. Best of luck!

-Solaris Magnus


Your mocs are always stunning beautiful.


I like the use of the Drilldozer masks as shoulder armor. Also, the Sand Green color has been integrated very well.


wow, you nailed it, well done!


This is amazing! I don’t think my mask of creation can do this justice


Wow, truly amazing!!


I personally would’ve preferred more green, but your build is gorgeous! best of luck!


very nice. caeserino


At last~


I clicked on this and was like “oh, can’t wait to see what WCP’s Artakha MOC looks like with gunmetal and sand green.”

This is better. Much better.


Absolutely incredible moc! Certainly one of my favorite entries with its nice color scheme and generally pleasing design


I haven’t seen many entries that made me go “■■■■, I actually want this canonized.” You just made that list one entry longer.


this moc looks like a king


I have been a long time lurker, however, this entry is the Artakha I want to stand behind. Amazing build and the general impression he leaves me with is that of an ancient and powerful king, one with endless knowledge and imposing powers. Best of luck!


Thanks for the kind words everyone! :smiley:


This is really good. The Ben 10 alien legs on the chest look a bit weird to me, but I really like the feet. And I’m very impressed with all the sand green pieces you were able to incorporate.


I think I gotta vote for this, it pretty much perfectly matches my mental image of him!


I’ve got a lot of friends participating in this contest and a lot of entries that I want to see win solely because of the person entering. I don’t have that sort of bias here, as I gladly voted against your Helryx in the last contest.

But this… This is my Artakha. No matter the outcome of the contest this is my Artakha.