BIONICLE Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard, Part 2 (Art) + Part 1 Winners

eljay said that there’s a possibility that this year’s Tuyet contest will be held,

but yeah… I think it’s hard.

Who knows. Maybe it’ll start late december. Right after Christmas. That’s still 2021.

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Keep in mind that the mods took an extended Christmas break last year, from mid-December all the way through New Year’s.

With the extension, the Hagah Art Contest submission period should wrap up on October 2nd. Going off of the Helryx and Artakha contests, the voting should take around 11 days; call it 2 weeks to account for any delays, which brings us to October 16th.

Then there’s the three week break between contests, and the Tuyet MOC submission should start around the first week of November. The entire Artakha Contest, from the opening of the MOC submissions to the end of the final art poll, took 71 days.

Maybe we could do the Art portion, then have Christmas break before opening the three week art submission? It would basically be another extended art submission period.


I mean, I don’t see there being a huge break between the Hagah and Tuyet contests, at least not the way there was between Artakha and the Hagah.

Having only one contest in an entire year would be slightly discouraging.


Is Lariska next or is it Tuyet?


Character list:
Toa Helyrx - Canon Design | Inspiration MOC
Artakha - Canon Design | Inspiration MOC
Remaining 4 Toa Hagah (Bomonga, Pouks, Kualus, Gaaki)
Toa Tuyet
Toa Orde
Toa Zaria
Toa Chiara
Toa Nidhiki
Toa Varian
Gold Skinned Being


For some reason I switched the two in my head. Thanks!

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Before the art submission, I would’ve put odds on the Tuyet contest happening this year. But now, I can’t imagine Eljay or Meso would want to do a contest in the midst of the holiday season, especially since at least one of their jobs (I’d dare say both personally) see a massive spike around that time of year. Pure speculation on my part, but yeah, I’m expecting Tuyet to be 2022.

So what you’re saying is, they could start the next contest, but they’re not going Tuyet?

no one else has made that pun before I’m the first for realz 100% original.


Et Tu(yet), Brute?


So, tangential to something I’ve seen recently, here is a rules question to consider: images of real models with filters and edits are not explicitly banned in the rules for the art contest - are they fair game to enter?

Wait I thought submission to the art contest is supposed to end on September 11 did I miss sth?

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Yeah the deadline was extended

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Ahh ok

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How do you attach the shield (with rhotuka connector block) onto Bomonga’s fingers?


When’s the voting supposed to start

I believe some time after October 2nd

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I really think that this ought to be reconsidered for three reasons:

  1. The eye color of a character is a fairly small detail, in my opinion, and changing it doesn’t drastically change the character’s appearance

  2. Up until 2005, almost every canister wave of sets included a unique eye color for each set.

  3. Some artists have opted to give Bomonga a metallic green mask, and/or Pouks a metallic blue one. However, Bomonga already has green eyes, and Pouks already has blue eyes. Because of this, there is a lack of visual contrast in any art pieces that use those metallic colors


Also most comics from the early years of Bionicle changed up characters eye colors fairly regularly.

In Bionicle 25 (the comic Toa Norik and Iruini debut in) Norik’s eye color is incorrect for most of the comic. But his eye color changes to the correct color in a few panels.

Throughout 2004-2005, Toa (Metru) Vakama’s eyes were always wrong. They were blue instead of neon green.

Characters in set form have their eye colors constantly changed as well. So I think it seems fair to say even the og Bionicle team at LEGO would’ve agreed with this;