Meet the Maker Part 2 Entry: Artahka, Seer of the Universe - Master of Creation

Here’s my entry into the Art Contest:
Artahka, Seer of the Universe - Master of Creation

For the peice, I wanted to homage the G2 concept art since whilst I see no narrative continuity, I do think an aesthetic homage is warranted given the subject matter of the contest, hence his character framing is designed to homage the Art of Bionicle cover art. They’re two variants of the character image (one gold, one silver) that homage the interior of the Codrex.

Mask of Creation Design

Here’s my take on the Mask of Creation. I wanted to strike a balance between the G2 masks structure and G1 iconography. The mask itself contains detail parallels between all the Mata Masks, Ignika, Avohkii, Kraahkan and Kini-Nui/Coliseum in addition to the runic disposition the mask canonically is in.

Additionally, I made a few monochromatic art peices to better visualize the mask on the character, so here’s a link to that.

This guy presented a very different challenge to Helryx, but I think he came out just as I wanted him to. There’s a cute Easter egg for those who’re attentive. I hope this one doesn’t have too much water for people.


I just love this
Also, a nice touch that with the golden masks, the Toa Mata in the canisters are normal, and with the silver one, they are in the stars-adaptive versions.


This is hands-down my favourite submission, and I absolutely adore that mask design. Best of luck with the contest!!


Holy crap, this is just… wow. I don’t even know what to say. This has such a style and finest and confidence to it - simply spectacular! Absolutely amazing. Really love the Mata in the background, harkens back to Mata Nui story. I’m in awe!


Simply fantastic! I love everything about this - I can’t even pinpoint the best part, everything here works so well: the visual adaption of the moc, the colors, the atmosphere, and that mask design is just :ok_hand: This is definitely my favourite entry.

If that’s not too much of a hassle for you, could you also upload the “main picture” of the mask in gold? I really like how it looks in that color on Artakha, but all mask pictures are in black-and-white. I would love to see all these intricate detailis in gold.




Colorized versions of the portraits should be up. Imgur’s being weird with me, so I had to make a new gallery for them, but as long as its accessible, it works.

I see them now. Now it looks even more outstanding. Great job!

WOW! This is so great!
I love mask-design and Blue-glow of hammer! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :blush: :blush:


the S T Y L E
oh god
if this doesn’t win, i still want the mask RSG please


Okay this one HAS to win. Your design really gives off some G1 Alpha Trion vibes.


This is incredible.

I really like how the Lego pieces are very defined and noticeable, yet they all flow together really well.

My favourite part is the stylization of the chest area. Something about it is very aesthetically pleasing to me.

(and gold mask on top of all this)


I love how you included so many masks into the design of the mask of creation and even the Kini Nui. I hope you win!


Fantastic work! That concept art is on another level. Have you ever made any tutorials on your painting process? Would love to get some pointers from you!

omg the toa mata have the av matoran build just like in mata nui’s journey!

very extra nice.

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This is incredible! I could see this winning for sure. It almost looks like some of the art from G2’s Art of Bionicle book. And that mask is stellar!

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You’ve got a solid vote from me.


Oh wow, I’m…I’m speechless…

This is such stunning work. It’s everything I want to do in my personal work, even.

The mask is genius, and this is far and away my favorite entry so far! Magnificent!

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Everyone said that Khink’s is almost perfect but this is actually perfect. Great job!


Ah my god the Mask detail alone is phenomenal and incredibly well thought out.

An interesting take to present Artahka as a scientist than a forgemaster.