Future Canon Contests

Hi, I was wondering if there is a comprehensive list of all the Canon contests planned. I’m assuming that we’re going to get the big names done first, but will this continue into characters that played a smaller part? Lariska and the upcoming Toa Hagah are obvious picks, but will we see things like the Nynrah Ghosts, Surel, or the Makuta of Stelt?

From the original contest post:

Character list:
Toa Helyrx - Canon Design | Inspiration MOC
Artakha - Canon Design | Inspiration MOC
Remaining 4 Toa Hagah (Bomonga, Pouks, Kualus, Gaaki)
Toa Tuyet
Toa Orde
Toa Zaria
Toa Chiara
Toa Nidhiki
Toa Varian
Gold Skinned Being

TTV has left open the possibility of doing more characters, but nothing has been confirmed, and it would only be after this first list is complete.

Probably not. They’re a group of unknown size of Fe-Matoran, not a specific character.

Already done:


The fact that the character doesn’t have a name suggests they weren’t exactly a key character. In fact, the character is never seen, not even in a flashback.


Well, he was technically seen in the Mutran Chronicles

I suppose he would have been at the Convocation.

But even then, at no point in The Mutran Chronicles is the Makuta of Stelt ever singled out; the phrase “Makuta of Stelt” is not used in that story.

EDIT: I was wrong, the Makuta of Stelt actually does get singled out in the Mutran Chronicles, though not by “name”. At one point in the story, it is mentioned that a Makuta’s armour was damaged in the Great Cataclysm and he inhabited an Exo-Toa while his armour was repaired; this Makuta was later confirmed by Greg to be the Makuta of Stelt.

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Question answered, closing this down. We’ll have more on this later.