(Bionicle Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker) Artakha the Creator

Here is my entry for the canon art contest:

I wanted to show him in the process of creating something (and I always viewed him as sort of a blacksmith/using a forge) and utilizing his mask of creation.

For the carvings and patterns on the mask I used the existing Nuva symbols, as well as the Okoto Alphabet from G2 as sort of a cool connection between the two eras of Bionicle.

For the mask of creation I used the design by @KhingK for 2 reasons:
1:I think it’s perfect.
2: I couldn’t come up with anything better.
The change in the mask I made from Connor_Hoffman’s moc was to make the mask gold matching the other legendary Kanohi.

Mask of Creation by KhingK

Hope you guys like it! And thank you to KhingK and Connor_Hoffman!


I love this! It looks like he’s forging something out of the heart of a star. There’s an awesome sense of power here!


Getting serious Lord of the Rings vibes from this. I’ll be voting for you!


Love the photoshop lens flare and the style that imitates the comics! I also see you’ve got some cool blueprints in the background for toa!

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The last thing you see moments before you are crafted.

Love the perspective on this one! Also, seeing the mask glowing to indicate it’s being activated is really cool!

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