Order of Mata Nui Files #37: Artakha, The Originator

This is beautiful in so many levels, best of lucks!

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Easily, one of the best Artahkas in the contest. Hands down. You really knocked it out of the park with this, Connor. Also, I never knew that Artahka canonically called another being an ‘ignorant stone-ape,’ and this knowledge has improved my day tremendously.

Great color choices and the fact that it’s built like a G1 Titan is the icing on the cake for me. Really, really well done.


This is very close to how I’ve always imagined Artakha looking. I’ll definitely be voting for this one.

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Simply great - the shaping, details, colors and posing of this moc really capture the whole personality of the ancient, mysterious character that Artakha is! Also, I love that I can detect (almost) every sand green constraction element ever made in there :smiley:

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Great work on this, man (and interesting tidbits of backstory you’ve got there,- I sure love me some multiverse stories).:+1:

It’s quite something to see how far your MOC building has come.:+1:


You did good did you win though?

The voting hasn’t even started yet.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this MOC reminded me a lot of yours, but this one’s bigger and grander.

This was an easy first choice in Poll Three. I think this has a really good chance of making it to the final stages of the contest… but then again, I haven’t seen the next 6 polls yet. It’s amazing how much talent and skill there is in this community!

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Yeah, pretty much what I was going for, but realized better.


After your Helryx MoC, I checked your channel to see what Artakha’s you had built, and wasn’t entirely satisfied with the gold-and-green one.

This, however, doesn’t disappoint. Clever armour design, a nice mixture of smooth/rough textures, and a real sense of weight really make this a stand out entry. By far one of the better hammers, too.

Perhaps not my #1 (I’m loving some of the weird artistic takes, personally) but a build I can’t fault and would happily see make it through to the canon. Well done, and best of luck!

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If you like that, then KoNKS will be right up your alley, thanks!

Thank you both! :smiley:

If I’m honest, I really liked your entry as well! The MoC in Gunmetal was painted beautifully, and you managed to do the impossible and incorporate the Ben 10 torso plate really well. Wishing you luck!


Thanks, you too!

I don’t care what the end result of the contest is, this is my winner. Great job dude!


well, i wasn’t expecting this
thought you were just gonna use your great being moc, which would’ve been kinda lame
instead we get one of the best entries in the entire contest, that’s pretty cool


How do you vote?

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through the polls. They appear on a banner on the front page.

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What he said! There’s a link at the top and bottom of the main post here if you can’t seem to find it!


I’ve already commented on this, but I think I need to expand a bit more, because I’ve been studying it to try and build it. It just feels so quintessentially Bionicle! Like, it has the aesthetic and proportions of a titan set, but upon closer inspection it’s so much better designed than any set ever was. It perfectly blends an old style with newer pieces without looking too smooth, elegant, or overly detailed. It heavily reminds me of the old biotube style cranked up to 11, which makes sense, given your background. It’s overall perfect, and I definitely want to have it standing next to my sets!


How many pieces have approximately?

I haven’t counted them yet, but I’m in the process of making a Stud.io file of the MOC which should give me that info.