【BIONICLE】Knight of Nights: Knoxus' Story (Masterlist)

This is the masterlist of all the chapters in Knight of Nights: Knoxus’ Story. I’ll continuously update this post with links to all the chapters so you can read them all in one place. Expand each of the boxes below to read the chapter! Also, you can check out the currently completed audio versions of each chapter over on YouTube!

Book 1: Lost Dawn

- Prologue 1:

- Prologue 2:

- Chapter 1:

- Chapter 2:

- Chapter 3:

- Chapter 4:

- Chapter 5:

- NEW! - Chapter 6:

- Chapter 7:
Coming soon!

Future books - Stay tuned for more!

Knight of Nights: LORE

- Episode 1: The Great Beings

- Episode 2: The Multiverse

- Episode 3: Spirits


Been a huge fan of yours for a while and I’ve been wondering: do you do your own art or does someone else do it for you?

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All the artwork for KoNKS is illustrated by TESLU: http://teslu.tumblr.com/


This one’s definitely going on to my one day list