Artakha meets Artakha (Congrats, WCP and Perp3tual!)

Now that the new Canon G1 Mask of Creation is finally released for, that means I can finally post this. I was one of the people who submitted an entry for the MOC portion of the Artakha contest, and even though I didn’t win, I’m still thrilled that Wombat Combat Pictures’ entry made it in, and I love its design a lot. As my way of congratulating WCP for winning the MOC portion of the contest, here’s a picture of my entry shaking hands with his entry, acknowledging each other’s existence.

Congrats to both @Connor_Hoffman and @Perp3tual for winning the Artakha contest! :smiley: I can’t wait to see what else is in store from you, and I hope you have a good day. :slight_smile:

@Connor_Hoffman 's Artakha model: Order of Mata Nui Files #37: Artakha, The Originator

My model: Meet the Maker- Artakha (My Design)

@Perp3tual 's Mask of Creation, designed by Galva:

@MaskMaker 's Mask of Creation:

All designs belong to their respective owners.


I’ve been curious, for the winning mode of the Artakha contest, does he have bendable knees?


They look nice together. Could be Artakha from an alternate dimension, huh? Also, can you please share studio file for that scene? Would like to give it a download!

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The link to the file is in here:

You can also find WCP’s Artakha model in his entry, which I linked in the pitcure I posted.