Canonization Contest 2, Meet the Maker: Artakha the Creator

Here is my artakha! He is very tall.

Entry photo

Front photo!

Side photo

Back photo!

He can even have his hammer on his back!

Breakdown photos incoming!

Hammer photo!

Hope you like this big guy!


Very nice! Love the leg design.

-Solaris Magnus

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This one is pretty unique in comparison to the rest of the entries thus far. At least, in my opinion. There’s some “swoleness” about him, but not the gym levels others.

I like him!

I really do need someone to explain to me how they’re translating this:


Sincerely, how is this being interpreted by so many people the exact same way?

Needless to say, you have not yet entered. Please enter properly.

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Oh, sorry. I’ll fix that.

I would still appreciate an answer. This is becoming an increasingly common issue. How is that rule being interpreted that way?

I think that the wording of it is the reason that everyone is misinterpreting it. If you made it more clear what you wanted us to do than I think that it would cause less confusion.

That doesn’t answer my question. What part is confusing? Which words aren’t making sense?

To hazard a guess, I think people are misconstruing the linking part as posting the link to the main topic in there MOC topic page, assuming it will then notify the main topic of their entry, which is incorrect.

Suggested rewording:

“In order to enter, a new topic must be made for the creation with (Meet the Maker) in the title. Copy and Paste a link to your topic into the “BIONICLE Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker” main topic to officially enter your post”

-Solaris Magnus

This is pretty clear cut. The only thing I can figure is that people are assuming that… their MOC topic is the official contest topic? I don’t get it.

We’ll consider the rewording, but I have other suspicions.

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Perhaps due to the third-person nature of your mentioning, the “official contest topic” can be misinterpreted. If you were to continue to post the rules into each individual character’s official topic, then it might be better to reword it as "That topic must then be posted as a linked reply here to this topic." In this manor, the “official contest topic” is referred to directly in a first-person tense, which could reduce the confusion. To add to this, here could be set up with a link to itself. This is unnecessary and would require a small amount of extra work on your hands to link each character, but it would secure it as being the definitive location for submission. That’s my take on it, hopefully this can be of some use.


Thank you for the explanation. That makes sense and we’ll go ahead and correct that.

A lot of use of hoses here, spread out all across the moc. Makes the separate parts work together well, gives it a consistent style. Good work!

Maybe make a how to video about how to enter the contests. That would be helpful for me at least.