Artakha Inspiration/Help

The Artakha Canon Contest is now here, and, while I have have lofty aspirations for what I’d like to enter (namely one of those ultra-skilled seamless yet greeble-y “reddit”-esque MOCs), I have little-to-no experience in this level of MOCing.

I am hoping to:

1) Get some tips on how to build the model based on the ideas listed below, and

2) spark up a creative conversation similar to that of the Golden Skinned Being Inspiration topic in which creators can discuss ideas.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so-far (Please ignore the over-simplified Mask of Creation,- it’s just a temporary stand-in for whichever mask design wins in the art contest):

Pic 1 - My Preliminary Sketch (The Hammer design is not final)

Pic 2 - Stick Figure of Artakha’s Upper-Body

Pic 3 - A More Refined Concept Sketch of Artakha, Showing the ideas I had for his general silhouette, as well as ideas for parts to use for the lower-legs/feet and shoulder armor

My idea as it currently stands has 4 design points:

-1 As can be seen on Artakha’s right (our left) on Pic 3, I initially wanted to Incorporate Knight’s Kingdom shin armor for his lower legs and shoulder armor for his shoulders, like the armor in Pics 4 & 5 right below (I thought the armor would give Artakha a nice ancient feel (kinda like the Mata/Roborider elements of the winning Helryx design).*

-2 Although,(as seen on Artakha’s left (our right) shoulder in Pic 3) I’m also open to using HF Shoulder armor as seen in Pics 6 & 7 right below (They might help me achieve a rounder look to the shoulders to go with the aesthetic that I’ll discuss further in Design Point 4).

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-3 As Can be seen in Pic 3, I had the idea of making Artakha’s feet look like Swampfire’s from the Ben 10 line, but I also found that the Mata Torso works for pulling off the same kind of look for the feet, and I think it appropriate to incorporate the Maya Torso at least somewhere in the MOC, as it seems fitting for Artakha’s “sons” the Toa Mata to resemble him in at least some respect (is the Mata torso too big to be the feet for a Tobduk-scaled MOC, though? Maybe I should just try to incorporate the piece into the shins, instead). Maybe I could use both pieces by using the Mata Torso in the shins and the Swampfire feet as the feet (but then how would I avoid cankles?).

Also, how would someone go about incorporating an ankle or knee joint connection at the bottom of a Mata Torso?

-4 The vision I have for the overall figure/design of the MOC is for it to be made of several round clumps (I don’t know that “clumps” is the best word, though,- it sounds too messy) of muscle/bulk that are so tightly coiled that they form a perfect body build (or something close enough to a perfect body build, anyway). I’m thinking something like Ragnarok/Beginning of Infinity War Hulk:


Thanks for your time, fearless reader(s), and I hope this topic sparks a lot of creative discussion (and that I can hopefully get some pointers on how to incorporate these ideas into a Tobduk-scaled build).

*Footnote: So, does anyone know if there’s anyway I can get Knight’s Kingdom Ultrabuild armor on


very nice

I’m a fan of all the bainstorming. In the end though, a moc must be the visual singularity of concepts. I may not enter this moc contest because I am still waiting on some bricklink orders (although the green rule changed so…).

Anyways, here are some things I am including in my design:

  1. Kingly silhouette. Perhaps G2 has too much influence on this, but a figure like this is non-existent, at least to my knowledge in set form. Capes? Shoulder pads? Crowns? Heck yeah.

  2. Bulk. I think you’re going for the right idea with the hulk pictures :wink:

  3. Greebling. Unfortunately, this may lose majority support. But for my moc at least, I think it’s fitting to have all kinds of intricate details on this character. I was planning to stretch this further, such as including elements like necklaces and braids of different colors on the moc. After all, this is literally a man of culture. Shouldn’t he be colorful?

Those are just my ideas. I like where you’re going with yours!


Important note from me: the hammer should not be too big or too long (handle). It is not a real warhammer, but a crafting tool from the forge.

At the time of me writing this, only one entry made it believably. Others have just massive weapon-like hammers.


Thanks for the tips👍 (are there any capes for ultrabuilds in

Also thank you for the tip about the hammer (I was originally gonna try making something to rival Melding Teridax, but thanks to your info, I’ve now got a better idea about what to make it look like).:+1:

Do you guys have further advice for pulling off the 4 design factors that I listed, such as how to go about building a Tobduk-scaled shin that integrates the Mata Torso?

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I imagine Artakha resembling the Didact. Gray/gunmetal greebles with grayish green system parts on top, with the runes being added during the artwork contest.

I do like KhingK’s mask of creation quite a bit. It resembles the G1 version without being a copy-paste. Trans blue runes are wack and give me Tron vibes


Nice design ideas! :+1:

I could definitely see Artakha’s detailing being based on that Didact guy; :+1:
and I have seen KhingK’s Mask of Creation on Shapeways (possibly the best-looking out of all the 3D-printed takes on the Kanohi thus far! :+1:).

Got any tips on how to build the shoulder armor or the rest of the round masses of muscle that I’m trying for?

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I’m not really sure. I tried to build an Artakha moc a while back but I scrapped it. You could try using this piece and whatever Ogrum used for his fist? The latter also comes in gunmetal.



I’m trying to figure out how to make the shins and feet.

The first prototype (as seen in Pic 1) has a Mata Torso for a shin (highlighted red), with my first attempt at a knee-joint connector (highlighted light blue), and a Swampfire foot w/connector (highlighted green).

Pics 2 & 3 show the knee-joint connector and the foot without the the Mata Torso obscuring them from view.

So far, I need to figure out how to 1) solve the cankle problem, 2) upscale the build to be doable for the titan MOC, and 3) make it better-looking and fuller/bulkier-looking.

I cant say much about the capes. have yet to touch . From what I know, it’s a pretty versatile program!

As for that mata torso leg design, I’ll experiment and share whatever I come up with here.

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(Also, as well as the three things I’d noted that I needed to improve on, I just noticed that I put an axle through a round pin hole.)

Didn’t you mean G2 version?
I would definitely want to see either KhingK’s version or G2 version (which is already a perfect fit) become canon.

@Jathru_Cranli Is there a specific reason you want mata torso as a shin? I am just asking out of curiosity.

Mainly to pay homage to his connection with the Toa Mata.
That being said, it’s not a hill I’m willing to die on.
If something else proves to work out significantly better, I’m willing to pivot.


I see.
Best luck with the MOC! I am looking forward to your entry.

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Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:
Same to you. :+1:

Personally, I think a number of MOCists have taken the whole bulk thing too far. A bit of chonk is fine, but I saw somebody using the freaking CCBS XL torso. Please no. He’s 10 feet tall, for that reason alone he’s already going to be imposing, you don’t need to make him a beefcake ontop of that.

I’m also all for intricate greebles on this guy, if it looks nice. Part of why I voted for Artakha next in the first place is because I thought he in particular would be perfect for a super-advanced detailed MOC if somebody so wished to do it. He is the embodiment of creation after all, it’s appropriate for him to be a walking work of art.


Thanks for the advice!:+1:

If you want to use a piece like the mata torso for big legs how about using the slizer torso instead?


Thanks for the tip👍,- I’ll look into that.


Okay, I’ve bee working on the MOC, and here’s about all I have for the build so-far (There will be Torso Screenshots with and without a Mask of Creation for reference):

Torso Front 3/4 View:

Torso Front Head-On View:

Torso Bottom View:

Torso Side View:

Torso Back View:

Lower Leg Front. 3/4 View:

Lower Leg Side View:

Lower Leg Head-On Front View:

Lower Leg Back View:

Lower Leg Bottom View:

So far, I’ve gotta make the arms, thighs, waist, feet, and hammer, add the paint job, and maybe make some modifications to the torso (does his neck look too much like a “cankle”?).


Impressive! I especially like the upper leg design. Great use of that robo rider body piece. As for the neck I’d say it’s a bit blocky. If It were me, I’d go with a slender neck and just cover it up with a tube/tire :stuck_out_tongue: but that’s me.

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Okay, but what if he had a mocing table, and tahu was his self moc