Golden Skinned Being Inspiration

This character will be second to last to receive the cannon contest treatment. However, lets be real honest with ourselves here. What the h*ck does this thing look like?

Aside from the obvious Skakdi similarities to Irnakk, this abomination of a creature, is altogether the concoction of nine other entities. It’s lizard like in appearance, muscular, and has “piercing” green eyes.

I think 2D artists have done a great job imagining this character, but from a moc standpoint, how can we accomplish such a challenge?

I created a rough photoshop of the different set elements that one might see in a Golden Skinned Being moc. Of course, it’s all open to interpretation, but I think a topic exploring such an interesting build would be helpful to those planning to enter this portion of the contest.

So let’s talk!


Irnakk confirmed? Or at least that’s what I’d thought when I first heard his description.


I’ve already been considering ways to construct it which I won’t elaborate on since I kind of want to win the contest. Expect a system-heavy moc.


I’ve seen a bunch of different cool concepts for the Golden-Skinned being, but I think probably my favorite interpretation would have to be this one:

But yeah, pulling something like that off in MOC format would be rather tough, like @Ghid said, I think heavy system integration may wind up being an important technique.


ooo that’s a good one. I love the cobra-esc head. I found an interesting, more mechanical take:

I like how the lizard face still carries over. Also, piraka heads as feet :eyes:


I’ve always envisioned the golden skinned being as uncannily human for some reason. I know that would be difficult to translate into a MOC, though.


@likus could do it lol


In my head canon I imagine him as Brutaka but with a higher ratio of gold and then that gold Piraka head (I’ve forgotten the name) or the Piraka of stronk but gold.

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I agree, mostly because of the specific reference to ‘skin’. I think generally the MOC portion of this contest is a bad idea, but I’d be thrilled to be proven wrong! I just think that the MOCs, like the piece of art @gen.make found, would look way too mechanical for such a creature.


Something important to note:

Zaktan deliberately chucked himself into the mix which was creating the GSB. The resulting fusion identifies as male, is reptilian like the Skakdi, and possesses green eyes, all seemingly indicators of the predominance of Skakdi in the mixture, but also possibly hinting at Zaktan being the biggest factor. My theoretical iteration of the GSB would be Zaktan-esqe and bear similar facial features and sculpt.



@Ghid glad to see I wasn’t the only one who thought this.

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I’m most curious to see if anyone will translate the character’s power’s into the moc. The GSB is all about turning dreams into reality, apparently with little control. It almost makes the GSB out to be some kind of meek giant with an identity crisis, cautious and unsure of what it can do.


That build is really quite pretty dang beautiful. :+1:
I am genuinely impressed that you managed to make the character be visually done so well. :+1:


Most interesting…


Also interesting… :+1:


Do you know if Zaktan was still made out of protodites as he joined the GSB fusion?

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That’s a Greg question. I could guess at it, but a more concise answer would come from Greg.

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Biosector time:

“Due to his nature, Zaktan survived as fragments of his substance at the molecular level, and was eventually able to piece together a small portion of his being.[2] He later traveled to Zakaz, where several Skakdi were creating a being using a variety of species, including his fellow Piraka, in a tank of Energized Protodermis. Badly injured and hoping to improve his condition[3], Zaktan emerged from a lake and plunged into the tank.[1]


I got this cool red dragon moc I’ve been working on for a while now and I feel that a similar design would work well for the gold skinned being. Although weather or not I can acquire enough gold pieces and build it in time is another question.

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