Golden Skinned Being Inspiration

That’s such a cool concept! It would be so awesome if the GSR was a combiner of those sets. TheShadowedOne1’s take on Lariska is a good example of a combiner moc done well, I’m surprised I haven’t seen it talked about more.

On a side note, I just realized that, if this did become the canon appearance, it would be the first combiner to include a combiner.


There’s going to be a poll to determine the next contest so there’s a chance the golden-skinned being might not be second to last after all. I personally think he should’ve been the first contest as he would’ve made a better guinea pig than Helryx, but I digress.

Anyways, here’s two MOCs of the golden-skinned being that I really like. 4450’s MOC is a combiner while Maddoc’s MOC takes some liberties. I think the golden skinned being could work with either black, blue, or white accents in order to reflect Irnakk. It would make the 4450’s combiner MOC more feasible and could give room for mocists to take liberties. Black and gold looks good, as shown with Reidak.

Another interpretation I really like is Ayrtom’s drawing. A brickbuilt head would be able to reflect his drawing more effectively than using Irnakk’s spine. I imagine the golden-skinned being with either Irnakk’s spine, a brick built head, or the piece used on Scarox’s face.

Here’s some descriptions of the golden skinned being in canon. While I don’t care for the golden-skinned being as a character, I am interested to see more visual interpretations of the character.

A mixture of a Zyglak, a Vortixx, a Steltian laborer, and the five surviving Piraka, it had been created by the barbaric Skakdi in an elaborate ritual. And now it was free.

Towering 12 feet high, with gleaming golden skin, powerful muscles, and piercing green eyes, it regarded the assembled Skakdi with the benevolent gaze of a creator. Only the vaguely reptilian cast of its face took away from its stunning appearance.

The newcomer was twelve feet tall, with golden skin and rippling muscles. Its eyes and face were vaguely reptilian, and it looked at Annona through the narrow slits of those eyes.


That’s actually a great moc for a combo model !

Interesting… this opens up some fun artistic opportunities! Particle effects anyone?

I’m only interested in this contest because I built a golden dragon head last year and it’s been sitting around on my desk waiting for a nice muscular body.


Yeah the shadowedOne1s is a great YouTube channel with some awesome bionicle movies. For some reason I don’t here much about him from others ether.

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That sounds awesome the head is always the hardest part when building a dragon looking moc I find. And if you already got that done might as well go for it. Look forward to seeing it.

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This piece could be used, since it kind of resembles the scales of a reptile. The second one is a digital recolor I did to see quickly what it would look like in pearl gold.

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 9.46.25 PM


Another thing to consider is that the Being doesn’t really look like a traditional Matoran Universe inhabitant. My interpretation of the description is that it has no obvious mechanical parts, unlike a Toa or Matoran. It is all smooth muscle and skin (protodermic muscle, to be fair, but much closer to a human than a robot).

his muscles are literally as hard as rock


Bufftakha, meet the Golden Skinned Chad

It would be neat if the golden-skinned being and Marendar resembled ancient gods. Perhaps Sobek for the golden-skinned being?

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Me personally, I’d rather the GSB have a design more of its own, like some of the builds/pics shown above in this topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

As for Marendar, I think it would be interesting to see designs based on Titanic Transforming Sci-Fi Mechs, like you talked about a couple weeks back:

Been a while hasn’t it ? :slight_smile:
This is my GSB moc. I went with an imposing vibe, making use of claw and horn pieces where possible. Of course, who would I be without using the Irnrakk spine? I had a grand time putting this thing together over the course of 5 months haha. If interested you can read about how I see him as a character over on my instagram.


Amazing moc, perfect head, very fluid which is befitting a being with ‘skin’. I must say though that I don’t like the potbelly. I think his legs need to be bigger as well.

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I wonder why this topic wasn’t closed like the other canon contest character inspiration topics

That’s a gorgeous MOC, but like @Axelford, I’m not a huge fan of the torso. I suggest building a more muscular looking torso, with large pectorals, and flatter abdominal muscles.