Artakha, Lynchpin of the Matoran Universe (Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker)

Here is my Artakha interpretation. I was working off the very little pieces, and it probably isn’t very good, but feel free to critique it. I tried my best to follow the green requirements. I also wasn’t sure if I could use a shield for it, but I thought the saw worked well on the shield like Ekimu. Sorry for my English also.


Looks a lot like Zaktan.


Yeah, looks a lot like a Power Miners wheel with Zaktan’s limbs spurting out of it. It also uses at least three shades of green, which is against the contest rules.

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In all seriousness I am curious how that applies to tertiary colors and highlights. I’d have to assume the crystal on the chest represents a heart light so I wonder if that would fall under the same safe zone as brain stalks?


The rules say that if it has pieces with sand green in it then this doesn’t apply. The artists won’t have any trouble figuring out where it goes when it’s shown directly on the MOC.

Thank you so much for entering!

Unfortunately, we can’t really accept this entry at this time.

In regards to highlights and heartlights and small stuff like that, we’re aiming to be pretty lenient. It’s not something we plan to scrutinize too heavily, as we’re interested in seeing the risks people take to execute a design. In this instance, it seems to take up a substantial amount of the creation to the point where it can’t quite be ignored and becomes more of an additional green.

Even that aside, his head shares this color and doesn’t fall under the eye-stalk exception.

And further aside, even if those two items were looked past, the blades on the shoulders immediately become their own green and disallow us from accepting this model.

All that being said, we’d like to off you the opportunity to make corrections to bring it in-line with our current rule-set to it may be accepted. Our grace period is three days.

Thank you!


It could definitely use some work, like the removal of that random trans blue joint. But it bears a somewhat big resemblance to zaktan lol


i’m sorry but i don’t have anything nice to say
this is so bad, it looks like a joke MOC, i could trash it more but i’m stopping here to attempt to be polite

edit: maybe this was a knee jerk because i already apologized to stop being like this. and perhaps this original comment is gatekeeping.


that isnt nice hes probably just a rookie don’t discourage others


If you have nothing good to say that won’t help a person make whatever your complaining about better, it’s best to keep it to yourself, please remember this for the future.