Artakha (Meet the Maker Canon Contest #2)

Build break down

If it looks oddly familiar, that’s because it is!

Man, exposure is hard to get consistent


So… does he have a head? If he does, I can’t tell where it is.

The golden face made of the CCBS Iron Man gun shell. Picture the rubber band as the eyes


I like how you made him look like his brother, Karzahni. I also like the custom head.


After some discussions we have had, we are making the unfortunate decision to disqualify this, per rule 11.


I’m not sure I understand how this is a bad faith entry. Regardless of what one thinks of it’s quality, it doesn’t seem on it’s surface to be intended to disrupt the contest.


I think an explanation is in order.


What makes you feel like this entry is in bad faith?


Agreed with the others, it looks like a genuine entry, fits all the other restrictions, only with a weird choice for what is a placeholder anyway.


I think it may be because this thing is too darn close to karzanhi’s build.

I mean, they’re supposed to be brothers, so looking like Karzanhi is somewhat suiting, and a concept I haven’t seen anyone explore before this.

yeah, but his build is almost exactly the same. I don’t think that it should have been disqualified, but that is why I think it was.

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Yeah it’s not like the creator of this moc has been going on about how he hopes people would get mad at this moc for a couple days now in several places, mainly /biog/ (the discord server) and /biog/ the 4chan thread.

Oh wait


Am not Eljay and Meso, BUT:

The Karzahni set is a pit mutated version of an individual who already was confirmed to have modified himself extensively. The idea that the canon artakha could be the basis for a “early” Karzahni is more valid, in my opinion, than “present day” Karzahni being the basis for Artakha.

And yeah. That. That’s a thing.


Frankly I didn’t even want Artahka to be the colors he came out as. If it weren’t for Greg saying “green and grey,” I’d have made him mostly dark blue and white. Caraparts would’ve been a constant though.

Oh, my bad, I assumed it was a person new to moccing.

True, I had assumed the person wasn’t experienced to building, so I wanted to come up with a reason to justify why it looks how it does.

Huh. Must have missed that tidbit about Karz. Really, my Artahka looks like 2007 Karzahni because I wanted to do it like that.

Then again, something I thought about while reading your post and then mulling it over, he also enjoyed “rebuilding” Matoran and the Pit mutagen canonically undid that. So in that light you could argue that Karzahni was returned to a more natural state by the Pit like all his “projects” were. Heck, after building my Artahka now I want to try and make a matching Karzahni, where the Caraparts are the black Mantax ones, he’s lacking spikes, has an actual mask. I specially also want to do it because I’m pretty sure we actually do have chain elements that you could feasibly call “flaming chains” now, ie translucent orange.

The only people I want mad, if you could call it that, are the people who told me that it looks awful when I was posting WIP pics of it. Even then, that’s moreso just wanting to prove them wrong, prove that there are people who like it, who like the direction I took, who like the colors I went with (as stated in another post, if it wasn’t for Greg saying “green and grey” I’d have done him in blue and white), even if it still lost. I hate people telling me my MOCs look awful.

I built this for ME first anyway. I wanted Karzahni’s brother to look like the Karzahni set since 2007. I was always planning on this being built eventually.

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If I may provide actual critique, the red cape messes with an otherwise great colour scheme.

I can see that. I feel it works though because red and green compliment each other (tis the season come 3 months lol) and all the Keet and Caraparts are supposed to be interpreted as gold, in some cases more heavily worn than others.

Glad someone else thinks Umbra gets too much hate for his color scheme

Wow I just realized I made him look like a Karma Chameleon! XD