Artakha - Meeting the Maker (Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker)

UM Hi so this is my first ever post and my first MoC contest with my first official MoC. So here he is, my best take on Artakha that I could manage with my limited green selection I’m amateur hour on this soI understand its not going to be amazing as the others I have seen but still I wanted to try my best.
There he is! but wait doesnt Artakha have a war hammer?
but now into the requirements:

side notes to mention are his shoulders and half cape. The half cape was Vezons cape put over onto either side as wished and serve the function of those dignified half capse you see on like Dukes or other high class/Royalty BUT its other purpose is serves as protection {since leather doesn’t exist in the universe} to block those sparts and spatters from molten protodermis, though it has seen some wear and tear from years of use. Also notice his shoulders are kinda separated from the arm? Well they also have a function they move to either fully shield or half shield his face depending on the severity of the item he is forging.
aaaaaand thats it…I do not know what else to add i just hope i followed the rules as best as I can and let me know your thoughts.

Sorry about breaking things up but i am a new user so my photo option is limited but heres the other pictures

side A
side B

A closer look at his hammer.
41709 41708

And last but not least the break down photo pretty bare bones

Wait? did his hammer split? Yes i designed to have the hammer split from war hammer to blacksmithing tools such as tongs since Artahka is a forger after all he did make the Avohkii41706


Why is this a trend this contest, heh… To enter the contest, you will also want to link this topic of your Artakha in the contest topic: BIONICLE Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker - #266 by The_Chronicler as per rule 3.
Good luck!

im trying to figure that out actually, again im new here. posting a reply and linking this topic is the right way right?

Yepps! :slight_smile:

thank you so much on clarifying that, i did just that and now we wait.

I think this is the greenest entry we’ve seen so far. I like having more color on him, it’ll look better in the art contest.

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Two hammers that turns into one?, that’s something new, good luck!