Artakha - The Creator (Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker)

This is my Artakha MOC! I am excited to be showcasing this figure for a canonization contest! This is the biggest and most challenging MOC I’ve put together.

Now for the front, back, and side view:

Here’s the frame of the MOC:

The legs have full articulation and range of motion:

I had a great time constructing this MOC, and I hope that everyone finds things that they like about it!
Please comment your thoughts!


i don’t really see an artahka in this, but it’s pretty neat
makes me think that this is where the G2 style was headed


This is a great Moc, but it doesn’t really feel that ‘Bionicle-y’ to me. I think it’s because of the absence of G1 parts.


Dude! LOVE the headdress and the combo of it and the mask!!

I do agree with @Kyle it doesn’t quite fit Artahka but it’s well made all the same.

But just with the aesthetic where you’re going with this I feel like he’d be totally part of a mural up on a wall, he has that sort of appeal. I really like this. This dude is very much worth something to be proud of.

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The over-the-top mask is just spectacular! The build is solid, if not G1-y enough.
Good job overall :smiley:


If you feel you have finalized this design and intend to enter it, then you will need to post a link to your entry topic in a post in the Artakha contest topic to enter.

Diggin the crazy head on this one, gives it lots of personality. Good build that’s not otherwise overcomplicated.


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I really like the headdress, but I feel like the rest of the body doesn’t fit that well into the g1 aesthetic because of the heavy ccbs usage. I don’t have anything against ccbs, I just think it should be used more sparingly in mocs that are meant to be g1 cannon (but I can understand if those were the only parts you had available).
I also feel like the rest of the body could use a few more gold accents to make the gold on the mask feel a bit less out of place.


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the mask is so cool :smiley:

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Hey! I know you!

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BIONICLE Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker

Mask design is quite interesting. Unfortunately the rest of the build doesn’t fit it at all.


Whoa… that head caught me offguard!

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That headdress really is something, and it’s a really nice model - very striking colour-blocking. Unfortunately though it is almost entirely a CCBC build, which isn’t inherently bad, but is too far away from the G1 look.

You should be proud of this though, I can’t imagine how many bloody iterations of that headdress you tried!

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There were at least 4 different versions I made, so I’m glad you like the final one!

Looks more like a G2 Toa build to me. The Headdress is interesting, though!

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To be fair the mask of creation wasn’t made for specifically for Artakha, so if anything it should make sense.

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