Artakha, the Green Ekimu (Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker)

I mean, that’s what mine ended up looking like.

Made this guy all the way back during the Helryx contest. Most of my G1 collection was lost and I’m not in a financial position to go a on bricklink shopping haul, so I had to use whatever pieces I had available. All sand-green pieces came from the green dragon mech. Decided to keep the stickers as their markings could be reinterpreted as Artakha’s ancient symbols.

Also wanted Artakha to share some physical traits with Karzahni, but all I got in were some shoulder spikes and piraka leg pieces on his legs. Also wanted horns couldn’t figure out how to make that work with the G2 mask.

Scale comparison:
Torso breakdown

Further images, including more breakdown photos down below:
[imgur gallery]


Very nice. My favourite so far.

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Solid build, love the color scheme!

-Solaris Magnus

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Hey that looks really nice!

I like the form and the way you sculpted it, especially in the legs all the way down to the feet, it flows well together. Very good call keeping the stickers, too. it helps tie the colors together smoothly.

You did a good job for using only what you had on hand. :+1:

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this is pretty nice, the only issue is it goes against that “only one shade of green” rule

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No it doesn’t. The rules say that if the Moc is sand green you can have another shade.


well, there you go.

Yeah, I was the one who asked if there could be an exception. Had it been rejected, I would’ve called him the “the Forbiden One” and written a short bio of how he was a brave fallen warrior who stood against the tyranny of the BIOLUMINATI. All tongue-in-cheek, of course.

Wow. Thanks! Very kind of you to say.

Now, I wouldn’t say solid. It’s system armor on bone pieces, after all, and the cape helps hide the gaps in his torso.

Looks really nice, my only complaints would be that the hands seem to be the only silver pieces on it(excluding the weapon), so they look kinda out of place, and that the torso could be a little more armored up. But it still looks great, better than any titan-sized moc I’d ever be able to make, keep up the good work!

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The hands were originally black but they were changed to silver to distinguish them from his body and weapon. Same reason why so many black and white cartoon characters wore gloves.

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I spy two shades of green, and yet somehow not 60% of the moc is green

god luck in the contest bro come and just mine if you like wanna here wat you think of min as velll love the gold that you just in your moc

I like the vibe he gives off, almost like Matoran Universe royalty. Very cool. Really like the built on the legs too.

I spy L-Loyd’s dragon, very nice man!