Artakha the Paranoid Ruler (Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker)

Many greetings! Here is the entry of mine. Artakha was one of my favorites among other characters for a long time, so when TTV announced their canonization contests i decided to have a finger in a pie. Artakha seem to me more as ruthless and edgy character rather than a peaceful mask maker like Ekimu was in G2. That’s why I’ve decided to make his color scheme darker. The model isn’t too rich in green pieces, so I won’t be surprised if it won’t pass, but i think it’s worth trying. Hope ya’ll enjoy it!

Entry photo:

Few more action shots:

Plain photos:

Hammer shot:

Model breakdown:

Good luck!


It’s refreshing to see an Artakha with gunmetal and olive green rather than the typical gold and green combo. Nicely done!


Thank you!

That hammer is really cool!
Solid build!


I really like the armor, looks like a samurai. The mask is really cool too


This might be the first interpretation of Artakha I can see myself voting for in finals.




We’re eating that pie.

I actually really appreciate this choice, and this MOC is really spectacular.

He is very imposing, and the black instead of any gold or brighter green kinda melds together a lot better than other entries.

Nicely done!


Sorry about that mate, i thought you weren’t going to eat.
Thank you for the kind words, glad you’ve enjoyed!

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Hey, even if it doesn’t get far, alternate takes like this are always cool. Very nice parts usage, from the hammer, wheel-hub chest, and quarter-tubes on the ankles.


Very neat build, especially with that hammer design.

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This is a very unique build. I like the colour-blocking and the cohesiveness of the textures you created with the lime green parts. If I may make one suggestion though, maybe change the background colour on the main image (I’m speaking from experience here :stuck_out_tongue: ).

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Its a cool build but looks nothing like artahka would. It fits Karzahni more before he made himself green. Also there is not enough green. Love the build but it just isn’t Artahka.

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Thank you, but that’s kinda wrong to tell whether he looks/doesn’t look like Artakha since we currently haven’t any canonical images. It’s more of subjective thing. I explained that I imagined him being evil-looking according to his deeds, you may’ve imagined him other way, which I won’t blame you for. I wouldn’t even wrote you back if you said something like “He doesn’t look like Artakha that I’ve imagined during reading”, but you sound more like if you were speaking for the whole biocommunity and no one shares another opinion. I understand that maybe you didn’t mean that, but that’s just how your message looks like. No offenses mate.

Thank you, that sound good, since I’m not a big fan of how the photos came out. Any suggestions on a background color?

I initially had yellow, but people seemed to notice and appreciate my MOC much more with a plain white background.

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Okay, that’s fair, i’ll try something. Thanks!

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Man, I really slept on some of these canon contest entries


Sleeping on Lego’s must have been very uncomfortable.