Artakha, the Smith (Meet the Maker)

(This is the preferred main picture for the contest.)

I got frustrated with the limited number of parts in sand green pretty much instantly so I ended up with a technic frame with system armor plating on top, resulting in a creation that is fully buildable with existing part colors.
The armor is largely inspired by real life plate armor, while the belt has a pair of tongs, three different forging hammers, and two chisels, accompanying a medieval style warhammer as his main weapon.





Edit: Further Breakdowns file:
Artakha (mediafire link)
When opening the file there are four custom parts in the model, two each 1L/2L cut lengths of 3mm rigid flex tubing. The 2L ones hold the elbow double ball joint together, while the 1L ones are used in the cosmetic pistons in the back of the waist.
Edit: I had accidentally uploaded a file with an unfinished version of the lower legs, the link has been updated with the proper file.


that’s a fairly interesting build, and great execution on the overall character design

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This may be the first time I’ve seen a MOC with realistic armor and weapons.

Brings tears to my eyes.

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Is there a version of this that uses pre-existing pieces?

It feels like a Mirimax version of the character.

And that’s amazing.


It already does

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I love how the hammers are realistically proportionate. Much more cooler than the over sized war hammer.

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Not necessarily, but definitely a breath of fresh air.


This gives me real Warframe vibes.


I just realized that your moc has dark blue just like Karzahni. Amazing detail!

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A fantastic build with such a ridiculously tiny hammer.

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AhACKHAACKACKTCHually, the hammer is the most realistic one out of any of the entries so far.

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I’m sorry sir but do you have a PHD in hammer mAnuFacTUriNg?

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How degrading.

I have a PhD in WeAPoN MaNUfAcuRiNg, of which hammers are but a minuscule field.

Bow, cretin.

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Not until you tell me the serial number of that hammer. I’m filing a manufacturing violation form punk!

Don’t “punk” me, knave!

But for your pleasure, DC012860-1283597-71582-3762-7213589067123-17283905b-9

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Kinda heavy on the system parts, but it gives this moc it’s own style that helps it stand out. And I love that brick-built head!

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