Artharox The Kanohi Sentinel

Im back!

After a long time of absence from posting any MOCs that aren’t my own versions of already established characters I now bring you a project that have been worked on for maybe the last 2-3 months. This is Artharox.

Name: Artharox
Kanohi: A mask of unknown powers, most commonly appearing in the shape of a Kakama Nuva
Tools/powers: Protosteel bow, possesion of powers from each of the Toa Nuva’s elements and Kanohi, limited possesion of light and shadow powers
Status: Alive
Location: Spherus Magna

Artharox was a De-Matoran during the existance of the Matoran Universe. He was a scholar residing in Ga-Metru, usually teaching other Matoran about the history of the Toa and the powers they possess. He eventually decided to leave the comfort of his home to see more of the world and learn about the vastly different regions and islands of the Matoran Universe.

Artharox would soon become one of the Matoran with the most knowledge of the powers of Kanohi and the elements, some Toa would even request guidance from him in how to use their powers to their fullest potential. His name was heard all over Metru Nui and many other parts of the world. Matoran, Turaga and even Toa would often jokingly say that it probably is only a matter of time before The Great Spirit would send a Toa stone Artharox’s way. With his great knowledge he would surely be destined to be a Toa.

Artharox, however, found very little interest in this. He was a pacifist at heart and claimed that violence is unnecessary in almost every case. Even if Artharox hated violence, he still took his time to practice archery: a form of weaponry often forgotten by both Toa and Matoran.

Due to his loyalty, kindness and peacefulness Artharox had no enemies among Toa and Matoran. It would not stop the imprisonment of all Matoran by Turaga Dume and the Vahki. Strange. How could he have such a fast change of character? Artharox did still not see the point in resisting in following the Vahki, as he still had faith in what the Turaga was doing.

After the event that later was named the Great Escape, Arthadox resumed his ways in teaching Toa and Matoran about Kanohi and elemental powers, although under more simplistic ways than his time on Metru Nui due to the less technololgically advanced island of Mata Nui. He would continue doing this until the last months of the Matoran Universe. It was at this time Artharox would be approached by a Toa of Sonics he had never seen before. His name was Krakua and he introduced Artharox to a secret organization called the Order of Mata Nui.

Artharox found himself among beings he had only heard legends of. Axonn, Helryx, Brutaka. The Order of Mata Nui had followed him for a long time now, they had seen his knowledge and loyalty to the Toa and The Great Spirit. They told him he possessed knowledge higher than most in the order and would therefore prove to be a valuable member. Artharox was humbled but still questioned the decision to bring in a simple De-Matoran to aid such legendary beings in a secret order to serve The Great Spirit. The words that leaked out of Helryx’s mouth would shock Artharox to the core.

“Mata Nui, The Great Spirit is dying.”

During what would prove to be the last months of the Matoran Universe, Artharox worked alongside the Order of Mata Nui to try to stay ahead of the Makuta in their plans. When the word of the Toa Nuva’s success in awakening The Great Spirit reached the order, the joy was overwhelming. Equally overwhelming was the revelation that Teridax had played them all and now was in control of the Matoran Universe, with Mata Nui either vanished or dead.

Long after the death of Makuta Teridax, the migration onto the newly formed Spherus Magna and the hibernation of Mata Nui within the Mask of Life, Artharox was once again summoned by the Order of Mata Nui. He was to be given a new purpose, a new life. Artharox was approached by the Toa Nuva, Axonn, Helryx by a pool of liquid protodermis. He was sunk into the protodermis pool by axonn, while the Toa Nuva and Helryx let their elemental powers be absorbed by the protodermis. When Artharox again stood up he had been transformed, he had became much taller and his skin was largely covered in shiny protosteel armour. But he still felt different. He felt… Strong. Fast. His eyesight was better than he could ever believe. Due to his extensive knowledge of the powers of Kanohi it didn’t take him long to understand what had happened. The Toa had given up a portion of their powers to him.

Helryx then took Artharox to the side and explained to him the purpose the order had decided for him. The Order of Mata Nui had a temple that housed some of the most powerful Kanohi masks. Among these were the Kanohi Ignika, in which The Great Spirit was hibernating. These masks needed protection. This would be Artharox duty.

As the years passed, Artharox started to master his newly found powers. He even started to feel and see any Kanohi and its user, wherever they may be. He soon learned to communicate with them telepathically. There was however always a dark undertone in his senses, something he had never felt before. He felt… Anger. Terror. Shadow. It’s as if a Kanohi had a mind of it’s own, trying to communicate with him. Artharox would feel the shadows grow stronger, the voices louder, and it would still leave him just as clueless every time he would feel the presence. Until the silent whispers got so clear and so loud that it sounded like it was just behind him. Artharox jumped as a raspy, and all to familiar voice spoke to him.

“You can not destroy shadow without destroying the light. I am in every home. In every city. In every soul. I am everywhere, untouchable, always watching. I am reforming, where no being of light never dare to tread. The Makuta will rise again and will not stop until every being has been drained of light. You cannot destoy me. For I am nothing. Come find me, oh all seeing.”

Size comparison

In conclusion: I am very happy with this MOC, the build was fun and challenging to work out. But it was in my eyes worth it, because the result is a MOC with a very consistent colorscheme, armor covering all the points it needs to, smooth and greebly texture and impressive stature. There are some illegal building technicues used, most notably are the rubber bands on the feet and the torso. My favorite part of the MOC is the tubes behind the G2 armor piece on the torso. The create an appearence that remind of intestines that makes the MOC look like the organic/mechanical mix that was described in Bionicle media.

Below is a list of pictures with all of the '02 Nuva masks on the MOC. I liked the Kakama Nuva the best, but I am still interested in hearing if any of you consider any of the other masks to be better! Please let me know in the comments below. It is absolutely not a sneaky way to also show off all the silver Nuva masks.






Please let me know what you think, feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome!

Peace, love and DON’T EAT THE PIECES


This moc is great, the only weak parts that I can see are the hips and the broad shoulders.

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This MOC looks really cool, but the waist seems too small imo.


I really like it. The subtle use of light blue bones gives it a nice touch. Also, the kakama seems like the best fit due to him seeming very streamlined in his appearance


Feels nostalgic. Like something I would’ve expected to see 10 or so years ago. That’s not criticism, btw.

Funny too, seeing how it uses ccbs and other ‘new’ pieces.

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That torso is lit. The shaping is on point

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Looking back, I realize that the picture quality is terrible, sorry about that. I have since the creation of this topic gotten myself a new phone with a waaay better camera, so I am probably going to upload a topic with upgraded pictures of all my uploaded MOCs. The picture quality really doesn’t do some of them justice. This will probably take a while though, as I will be away from my apartment for work all summer.

As for the feedback, thank you for some really constructive criticism, it really helps me improve my further adventures! Thanks to: @Morgy, @Toa_Distraxx, @BioKnight, @Huichelaar and @LTVmocs. You da real MVPs