Voritiaki, The Derelict Defender

Two MOCs in a day? Who are you and what have you done to the lazy turd that usually take several months between uploading??

After I finally managed to organize all my pieces a couple weeks ago, MOCing has become so much easier and enjoyable. I have a couple more MOCs that I am currently deciding if they are good enough to upload. So the MOCing these days are good. The greatest result so far of the organizing has in my opinion got to be this. May I introduce you to Voritiaki, the result of a mental picture I have had for quite a long time and maybe my self-MOC?. Improvised backstory incoming.

Voritiaki was a Po-Matoran living on Voya Nui during the existence of the Matoran Universe. Like the overwhelming majority of the island’s residents, Voritiaki was also enslaved by the Piraka’s Zamor spheres upon their arrival and subsequent conquering of Voya Nui. He would also live through the arrival of both the Toa Nuva and Inika, being liberated by the latter.

Though liberated, Voritiaki and the other Matoran of Voya Nui would go on and live the remainder of their lives with either no or just shards of memory from the events that took place during their enslavement. This would weigh heavy on his mind, knowing that many Matoran didn’t survive long enough to be liberated. How many exactly? Why did they die? Could he have prevented any of the deaths? Did he kill any of his fellow Matoran? The questions were many, but answers could never be found.

That is not true. Answers could be found. Even though the memory of Voya Nui’s conquering was hazy, Voritiaki could remember a name clearly. The name of the one who orchestrated the takeover and enslavement. Zaktan.

Even though he was still only a Matoran, Voritiaki was commited to finding Zaktan and the remaining Piraka, and he would stop for nothing until he could have his fallen friends avenged. During the last months of the Matoran Universe Voritiaki would gather up followers in his quest to find the Piraka, but he would seemingly never get any closer. And then, just as it seemed that the Great Spirit Mata Nui had finally reawakened, the world was turned around when it was taken over by the Makuta.

Even though Makuta’s reign wouldn’t last for long, it was long enough for the entirety of Voritiaki’s followers to leave the group and instead focus their efforts on fighting Makuta’s armies in Metru Nui.

Whoever ruled the world, Voritiaki wanted his answers and he would not rest before Zaktan was found.

When the Migration to Spherus Magna began, Voritiaki hurried to be one of the first to get out. Zaktan had to pass through sooner or later. Weeks would pass, and Voritiaki would stand aside Kharyon, who were posted to guard the opening of the destroyed Great Spirit Robot. No sign of him. (Kharyon topic: Kharyon, the Gatekeeper)

Voritiaki would eventually leave Kharyon’s side, and sought up The Order of Mata Nui and the guardian of The Mask of Life, Artharox. (Artharox topic: Artharox The Kanohi Sentinel) The Order recognized the importance of finding the Piraka and bringing them to justice. They also found that Voritiaki was far more knowledgeable in the movement and behaviour of the Piraka fugitives. Therefore, Artharox granted him with powers that would help in tracking them down. Voritiaki’s awareness of all movement in the desert was hightened to unbelievable levels and powers of flight, speed and endurance was granted to him. He could hear Vorox tribes hundreds of miles away. He could see a sandstorm blowing through a ravine where there was still nighttime.

Now nothing could stand in his way. The piraka would be found. And this time, they would pay for the damage they had done to the inhabitants of Voya Nui.

Voritiaki carries a sword that was transformed from the dagger he carried as a matoran, it has the power to control the desert winds.
He carries the Kanohi Mohio, The Great Mask of Awareness. It allowes Voritiaki to see and feel lifeforms for hundreds of miles around him, provided there is wind touching them. Therefore the power to control and create sandstorms is immensely helpful in his search for the Piraka, as the storms work almost as a radar.

This might be one of my favorite MOCs I have created so far. I like the way he looks, and that I was able to create some semi-realistic anatomy and proportions when building the torso and limbs. The tan/gray/silver color scheme works really well in creating a character that very obviously belong in the desert. It also makes him really stand out from my other MOCs when they all stand together.

Also, I predict I might get this question: the cloth piece is from the first CCBS Rey set. It works really well here, and I might consider buying more of those to extend the cloth over the arms and such.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did and still do! I also look forward to hearing to what you have to say, I read all the comments.

Till next time!


From what I see, this MOC looks really awesome! I really like the use of the cloth piece as well.

I would see if you can’t shrink your pictures a bit. The boards does a weird thing with big images where it won’t show the full image unless you click on it. It’s just something to make viewing your MOC a bit easier!

Nice work, keep it up!

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Yeah, I noticed that issue with the pictures when I posted earlier today, I might try to fix that tomorrow, cause I can also see that it makes it kind of annoying looking at the topic.

Thank you for the feedback on both the pics and the MOC, really appreciate it!

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The hands and head both seem a little small, but other than that it looks pretty cool.

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A Breez helmet being used for a male’s mask? That’s heresy in two ways!

If you’ll excuse my lame joke, I actually really like the “mask,” it fits very well with the overall feel of the MOC, and looks amazing with the cloth. The blade is pretty awesome as well!

This is 100% a personal issue and not at all subtractive from the MOC, but I feel a dark color, just to help contrast the silver and tan some more, would fit nicely and make it stand out more. Looks great otherwise!

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Great MOC, but we need a picture of his whole body here.

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Man this guy’s gonna be bummed out when he finds out about the gold-skinned being

I feel like this guy is big. Really big. Too big for his head, actually. The massive, broad shoulders make the head feel like it doesn’t belong.

The torso is by far the best part about this MOC. It’s solid, well-constructed, and has very nice greebling by the neck. Unfortunately, the limbs don’t quite stack up, as the elbows sit at an improper angle thanks to the Mata feet with the upper arms being very simplistic, and the shins jutting out from the rest of the leg before disappearing above the ankle make for a severely malformed muscle structure. The upper legs are very simplistic, as well.

Overall, it’s a reasonably decent MOC which really needs some work on its limbs, which I’ve noticed isn’t exactly uncommon on the boards. Try focusing on making the lower limbs as anatomically accurate as possible, then maybe focus on the head and upper limbs.

Keep up the good work!

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Yeah, when writing the mish-mash story of this I was certain that Zaktan wasn’t a part of the GSB. After when I looked it up I could only think: Well, yet another reason to be annoyed about this thing replacing some of the better villains in all of Bionicle. Headcanon says the GSB split apart again for some reason. Yay storytelling.

Yeah, as I was building him the proportions started to change in various areas. The head was decided before I even had the Breez helmet, and the MOC was waiting on a BL order to be finished. And when the head as placed on it to finish the build, yes, it was too small. It was however the mask/head that I already had decided that I wanted so I suppose I look at it with different eyes.

Thank you for noticing the neck greebles, it is also my favourite part of the MOC. Makes it really look like what a citizen of the Matoran Universe should be, 80 % robotic, 20 % organic. I actually kinda like the Mata feet arms. It was not my idea from the start, though I unfortunately can’t remember where I first saw it where it was used to such a effect where it caught my interest. I do see where you are coming from, though. As you were saying about the shins, I would agree that they are the weakest part of the MOC, especially combined with the small ankles and feet. I wanted to incorporate the Vorox heads someway, as the were the last larger tan pieces that I had that would work as armor. If there was no tan there, the colours would be quite a bit thrown off. It is definitely the part that will get the first attention whenever I decide to revisit the MOC. I do however like the upper legs, as the flow together really nicely with the Vorox’s mandibles.

I really appreciate your comment, it is comments like these that really help MOCing. So I thank you for the time you took!

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