Artist's Rendition of CausticKrana

It seems the popular thing with bionicle fans is to create "Self Mocs." Unfortunately, mocing is not one of my skills. But I like to say that my drawing skills are adequate so heres a Self Portrait
HEY! Go to topic http:/t/caustickranas-sketch-dump/2287/14mto see more stuff like this that I post.


You call that just "adequate"? I can't even make stick figures look right!


Wow. That's pretty good!

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Nice! Even better than a Self-MOC.

Now that is cool. I like the way you plastered the Krana on his face.

Best thing ever. Just don't want my self-moc to get hit with that facehugger- I mean Alien- KRANA God, I love Alien- I mean Bionicle lolollolololololololol. I don't actually have too many good pics of my self moc, so I use literature.

wow that's great! make more drawings

This is my actual MOC. His name is koporakh. He has every elemental power and every kanohi power also he has invincibility and he created the Great Beings. It was a challenge but I think its safe to say it wins in concise yet complex, the MOC to end all MOCs


This is actually a pretty accurate restoration of a Krana on someone's face.

With a super consistent color scheme, a unique build, and an overall desirable shape, I have to agree.


You see this Eljay! No blue pins!


You sir are a maverick of MOCing.

Your lines are fantastic, nice and smooth and the varying thickness makes it look so much nicer.


It's a refreshing change to see such a creative and daring build. With no obvious cons, this MOC stands a good chance of being the revolutionary game-changer that we've all been waiting for. Personally, I'm only curious to know how long it took you to pose it in the dynamic position that we see there.


DIS IZ DA WURST TING IV EVUR SEN CUZ HIZ LFT HAYND IZ UH RITE. jkjkjk it's great! I wish I could draw actual drawings not sketches


oh my god im so sorry!!

Its all good. A while back I noticed I put the elbow on that arm on the wrong side too.

What do you mean?

Its supposed to be on the front of the arm but its behind