Ash Minotaur

##Ok first up I built this from a bag of assorted CCBS parts I got second hand for a fiver. It was a little self set challenge to see if I could build anything from what I got.

Here’s what I turned it into.


A bag of CCBS parts? I’m pretty sure I see a Piraka foot in there… Either way, this actually looks pretty cool, if a bit basic. Nice parts usage on the legs and the weapon in particular. Those shooter pieces don’t make the most convincing horns, though; I would’ve used the pieces you have on the weapon for the horns. Still, given the limits of what you were working with I’d say “well done.”

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Looks like you could’ve rebuilt Splitface with those parts

The moc is pretty neato I guess. Why does he have horns sprouting out from his armpits?

well there’s a good reason for that.

I don’t know it though, my reason was “just put some spines on its shoulder blades”

Looks like something out of MTG.