Ask Mange Anything (Tenebrae Invictus)

I was inspired to follow suit after Eljay and Venom with their AMAs but unlike one of them I won’t keep pretending to close my topic

I don’t expect this to get a lot of attention but if you have any questions about TTV (in the past, can’t really tell you about the present) or my current status then ask them

I will most likely give honest answers


i want invictus analysis back and i want eljay guest star some reason :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I have a countdown to its return right here

Also I already featured Eljay in an episode, he was in my MNOG Let’s Play before he was in Meso’s.


Invi, how does it feel to be a popular figure of TTV without even being active for the moment?

In what way am I popular? Honest question

Notice me, Invi-senpai. ;_;

Also, I’ll send you an email soon… And reply to your last one… Things have been busy, that’s all. :cry:

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do you really have to wait a whole year just start ur barely in the podcasts and if you do put me in the video like i suggested it

Well, plenty of people know who you are, and they reference you often, so I’d consider that popular at least to some degree.

Why did you let Viper let you down and make you cancel the show? I thought you where better than that!


@Eljay Yeah whatever I wrote you a good email last month and you never responded, meanwhile Meso’s responded a dozen times and hand wrote me one too! Just messing but good to hear from you again, hopefully you get that email sent. : P

@TheMatoroMovement Yes I do really have to wait I’m on a mission

@Oonie On the boards? Well I was on the message boards for a while before I left so I hope I’m referenced often… lol, but I guess it’s pretty good people still joke about me even though I haven’t even been on anything TTV related for almost half a year.

@Chronicler She told me I had my facts wrong so I’m spending the next year and a half researching for the Return


I’ll send one out tonight! And then get your address and hand write you one as well! I’ll even hunt down some stickers! =P

Also, question: If you could have one video get released to allow fans to remember you by, what video would it be?


Do you mean a brand new video aside from the retrospective or do I have to pick one video of me that already exists and choose that as one for people to remember me by

Well, you see…


Alright so I’d choose a new video of me that starts out like the first five minutes of Akira but it has me instead as a missionary with my cool bike and it’s just an epic video full of chasing people down and instead of beating people up I teach them about Jesus


Why Mange for a screen name?

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How badly are you disobeying rules by posting here?

(I’m legit curious, if it’s too religious for the Boards just ignore me…)

It’s shortened for my username Mangekyou Itachi. When I first met Meso and all of them on the BZP Chat that was my username and everyone shortened it to Mange. Meso never dropped saying it even though everyone else did and eventually Var picked it back up again and then Viper started saying it even though she didn’t even meet me when I used that

I seriously haven’t even used that name in almost 6 years

@Political_Slime Uhh, idk. Nothing too serious but the frequency of me posting will be decreasing soon.


Ah, alright. That’s kinda neat, actually. Makes sense that it’s shortened from something else, since mange itself is a skin disease. :laughing:


Cats or dogs?

well you earned the right to be drawn in the masters picture so there’s that

actual question how do you feel about the summer 2015 sets?