Atarangi, Toa of Nightmares

Born in darkness, Atarangi began life in the shadowcaverns - a vast network of tunnels and chambers running through the body of the Great Spirit Robot - as one of the mysterious Ak-Matoran. It is here that he was exposed to raw elemental energy flowing from a rupture in one of Mata-Nui’s internal systems. Rather than destroying him, the energy awakened Atarangi’s body and transformed him into a Toa.

…I don’t have too much time to write this sort of stuff up anymore, but basically he goes and serves Mata-Nui and lives on the Island of Korrothis and does freaky mind stuff, and when the Great Catacylsm hits and the Red Star malfunctions he fuses with 2 of his team-mates and gives up his individuality in order to serve as a sort of grim reaper for the Matoran Universe, allowing its residents to die. Hooray~

And yes, he is based off Toa Shadow. Atarangi is the Maori word for “Shadow”, and this guy’s actually been a WIP for me since before Minion was a thing. I’m that slow at MOCing because University and all. :V
The lower arm design belongs to Oblivious. The character belongs to ClockworkTempest. Everything else is from me. :smile:


This was deffinitely not the intention, but he looks like Batman to me.

Sorry mang, but he looks abit too much like Shadow. Change the mask and include more of that yellow and maybe he’ll look different…


@Cyclopian Who says that wasn’t the intention? HE IS THE HERO WE DON’T NEED TO DESERVE. :wink:

@JMP But if he looked different he’d cease to look like Shadow. :wink:
This guy is literally Clockwork Tempest’s character. I like working all my MOCs into my storyline if I can though, even (former) self-MOCs. And he and I have been friends for about 7 years now.

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realizes who they are


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I know this is the world’s pettiest critique but your MOC has a lot of dust on it.

I don’t see it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The moccist


I actually really like this MOC. My only issue is that the arms seem a bit skinny when compared to the bulkiness of the rest of the MOC.


I love it!

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@JMP Yiss :3 Sorry for the double posting. Still new to the controls here :v

@Ranger_Xevy Alas, yes. I live in a very old house (~200 years), and my room has been left to gather a LOT of dust over the last five years. I’ve been in higher education and have mostly been living close to my college instead of spending time there. And Atar/Shadow is black, too, so it’s even more of a pain. At least you didn’t see how stupid the colours were when I first took the photos - the sun was shining right through my curtains onto him making everything purple :v

@Darknova3529 ALL HAIL SHADOW

@Political_Slime Hmm. I can’t think of any ways to make his arms bulkier without being cartoony though… he’s not meant to be that strong. I guess bulking his limbs up would make him more resemble the original though, come to think of it. If only I had time and lived in the same place as my parts! D:


Nothing is bad about this MOC. It is incredible. Wow. :neutral_face:

I don’t fault ya for the age of your house or the dust even being there. I just recommend wiping some of it off before taking photo’s.

Oh my god it’s Gringat, yes!

I really love the way you used those panel pieces to create a cape

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This is pretty good, wonder who it’s made by…

it’s Gringat


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It’s beautiful.

The whole thing, like all of your work, is fantastic! I especially like how you gave him a collar.

My only gripe is with the legs; something about how straight and flat those big panel pieces are in contrast with the really curvy lower legs bugs me.

Also, he looks really cool with that skull. :smile:

Oh my goodness, this looks utterly amazing. And the photos make him look even better.

This reincarnation of Shadow looks EPIC. the only real problems that I can find is that the trench coat just look like slabs of metal attached to his waist that break the “flow” of his silhouette, and that Nuvhok shield on his butt… However, this deserves a 10/10. Being an amazing revamp of one of the most important MoCs in BioTube history, there’s no way it deserves less.

Wait… you’re the famed Gringat?

I’ve got no words. I’d pay actual cash to be this good at MOCing. GG sir. Although I guess it’s expected since you’re Gringat!