AU/Alternate Universe Topic

Alternate universe or AU for short it’s thing where you change elements of existing worlds like Steven Universe, Mario Bros, A Princess Bride, etc. Some common AUs: Genderbent, Villain, Changing time period, High school/college, Time skip, Combining two worlds/Crossover, Personality swap, etc. What do you think of AU’s and what’s your favorite AU? I love to know.

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The kingdom is my favorite.

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What kind of AU is that? Is it where a character rules over a kingdom?

It’s an alternate bionicle universe, here I’ll link the bs01 article

I’m not a Bionicle fan. I think I’m the only here that isn’t. :joy:

Not saying you shouldn’t be here or anything: just out of curiosity, why’d you join a bionicle message boards then?


Good question. To be honest the original reason why I join was to have a chance to get a Moc on the Moc spotlight. Now I just like to make topics to discuss and talk with people.


Fake enough. I feel that.

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What do you mean?

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Darn autocorrect! I meant fair enough.


Yeah stupid auto correct. :laughing:



Given how generic this topic it is, it makes more sense to either make topics for specific AUs or discuss them in already created topics. Shutting this down.