Auzer toa nui of ice with storyline

around the time of the toa metru being created there was a ko matoran named auzer

he was wandering the beach of ga metru and fell asleep but when he woke up he was on a different island.he was on the island of karzani he was greeted by a tall green figure. karzani said you will fit right in here then karzani would him the history of the island auzer felt sorry for him so he wanted to stay. years later he found a strong rock it was a toa stone he found it in the mines.he remembered a slot in kazani"s temple that the rock would fit perfectly into.when he put it into the slot he was shot with a bolt of energy and became auzer toa nui of ice.

because of this karzani thought there was no use for him so he was banished to the remains of metru nui but there were no matoran because they were at the island of mata nui greeting the toa mata so he left to explore and do justice through out the matoran universe

also look for the unfinished voriki moc in the back ground


Idk…the build looks rather simple with the inika build, and the upper legs look really awkward.

no i did a custom body

I see it.

Any way time for my thing.
I like the weapons a lot for some strange reason.
The color scheme works for me.
The upper legs look a bit to shinny to me.
The torso build looks descent.
the lower arms feels a little to long to me.
the head seem a bit to high above the shoulders
Overall this MOC is pretty Neat, Not quit Groovy though, but not bad either. I would advise putting a little more armor or something on those legs. Also shorten the lower arms bit. And the head seem a bit to high above the shoulders, if you can fix that too.

It would help if you took a picture of the back, but other than the torso, the lims look very simple, I like the smaller version more actually

Oh yeah the small guy. Um he looks alright. But that’s just an opinion, my opinion.

why does it mater if he has custom limbs?

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Well right now they look very simple, and not all too impressive, and the legs again don’t really work too well with those armor thing on the upper leg

i will update right away.

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I mean… the build is pretty basic on the Toa form. The Matoran build works well though.

“Toa Nui”? He doesn’t look like he’s made of six Toa.


A Toa Nui is a fusion of 6 Toa.

This is not a Toa Nui.

The little guy looks pretty cool, though.


Like the matoran build, but, speaking from recent, and I mean recent, experience, that Inika build is insufficient. I hate to sound mean, but if you can, find alternative limb builds. I’m even newer than you, though, so help from someone with more experience is what I would suggest. This helped me some:

@kopaka188 Oh, that piece can be attached two slots power and it looks, in my opinion, better.

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Honestly he looks really skinny and needs a way better build, this goes for both forms.


here it is this is more of a continue of the story than a redesign here he is TOA AUZER MISTIKA

2 years later after being banished from the island of karzani he heard about a place in the center of the universe called karda nui
he decided to travel there and traveled there he did but at the cost of his first mask his weapons and his armor .
he fought with the makuta for a while and found a large sphere half in the ground but could not open it so he left on more adventures .

i redesigned the torso and got new armor also stop acting like i don’t know how to moc!

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No one’s saying you don’t know how to moc. I’m certainly not, we’re just giving constructive criticism.

Sorry, @kopaka188, it helped me on mine and I thought it would help you too.

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sorry i just hate when some one ads link to a tutorial topic

its ok can i see your moc?

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This one looks a bit better, but the torso armor makes him look a bit chubby


Either one is fine as long as it looks good, I mean this version does look better but it’s oddly chubby and the neck is kinda awkward, just trying to give some feedback, you don’t have to do as I say if you don’t want to.

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