Av-Matoran Takua prototype found!

I knew I’d find something cool! Looks like the Av-Matoran form of Takua was at one point planned and prototyped in 2003 :ok_hand:

This specimen was owned by Creative Capers while they were making the first movie. Notice the build for him is the same as prototype 2003 Matoran (arms):

This might be a stretch, but not so long ago, there was a report of a mask that looked exactly like the gold Pakari on this prototype. At the time due to lack of further evidence, I could only conclude that it was a spraypainted version, but a small possibility is arising that it might have to do with this Takua prototype… we would need further context from the owner.

I do not know if those gold parts are painted or actually molded, but we know at least the mata hand did exist in color 147 (Takanuva’s gold) when Takanuva was prototyped. There was also a gold (147) kohlii stick, so who knows…

EDIT: Looks like I am not the first one to find this, but I haven’t seen much discussion about it, other than a single brief BZP topic.


Now that is interesting. Who knows if this could be like the Sand Tarakava, a prototype that was thought to be mythical due to only having one copy in existence?


Very cool. We’d have to assume thats exactly what he looked like when not disguised.

Reading the title, though, I thought you meant from the 2008 wave; something like this, lol


Nah, that wouldn’t make sense, he was a Toa at that point.

But this shows that they were at least considering to reveal Takua’s true nature before his Toa transformation.


It’s interesting that they might have intended the 2003 Matoran design to be the Av-Matoran design. It’s larger than the original Matoran, but still recognizable as the same being.


Av-Matoran being larger than normal was a result of set design, not an intentional story decision that the sets followed.


Seems 03 matoran were going to use slizer limbs instead of bohrok ones. This would also add insight to matoran designs in Mask of Light.


Like everything else, they were based on prototypes.


I’ve always wondered about that arm design, but I somehow never considered that they could be based on prototypes (despite countless other design discrepancies across multiple forms of media being for the same reason).