Aveex Toa of FIRE by Toa_Aveex

Welp I've done it...

Here is

Front shot

Side Shot

Back Shot

"Like Father,Like Son"
Matoran Aveex v.s Toa Aveex

Tahu Mata v.s Toa Aveex

Toa Aveex v.s Makuta Teridax
(I know that he's missing a leg pad...)

Toa Aveex v.s Tauh Uniter

Toa Aveex v.s. Takua

The Aveex Family
(Toa Aveex,Matoran Aveex,System Aveex)

Toa Aveex v.s. Ekimu

Aveex can Store ONE of his Axes

The Toa Of Fire is Here...

Aveex Holding An Avaku Symbol
(I know it's a Bohrok Shield but it's my group's Symbol!)

He's also an Toa Avaku!

Post e'm Down Below!


Much liked
Very fiery
Super Toa

Good job! :smile:

Ahh the skinny torso, me no like. But seriously, it really messes with me. Please fix. Other than that it's pretty good. But please fix

His torso should look a bit less like a T.

Nah man, that torso's great! You know why? Cause he's got it down to a T! HAHAHAHAHAHA stop me
but rly is good dood he got skull spoder jeans :stuck_out_tongue:


Shoulders seem a bit broad, but otherwise, nice work. Never seen a MOC with jeans before. :smiley:
They're beautiful


The chest and the very broad shoulders are my only complaints on this guy. Outside of that he's awesome!

The torso doesn't blend with the "skull spider pants" very well and he need different hands or something. Aside from that, a decent moc.

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pants... interesting...

:joy: I never thought of the Skull spider on the legs as jeans or Pants but
IT'S FLIPPING FUNNY! so now it's Cannon!
the Real reason for the dark blue skull spiders is because I don't have a lot of dark blue parts so The skull spider will have to do!

Thanks For the complements and cretics!

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wait... it's not pants?

y teh blu then ._.

I like the Idea so much of pants,They now going to be Aveex's Jeans

But before the string of comments asking "is that pants", there must have been some reason behind the blue parts

I didn't have a lot of Dark Blue parts so I used Skull Spiders...

but why did you use dark blue at all?

Aveex's Original color scheme is Dark Red and Dark Blue...

ok.. the first time you made Aveex, why did you add blue?

I'm just curious

idk I just really like the Red and Blue

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ok, fair enough

nice hips

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