Avengers: Endgame

I think Vibranium is the strongest metal in the universe…actually correction uru metal is.

So, if there is one metal stronger than another, why should it be so unreasonable for there to be another? It’s not really that big of a deal.

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Because it let me shocked because there is no real explanation why the blade destroyed the shield, I think it was made out of a strong metal than vibranium, uru it can’t be because Scarlett Witch can’t destroy a godly metal.

Sits here looking and wondering
‘Wow so much blurred text’

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TTVengers Iron Man got the equivalent of a recast. The question is, who…

[spoiler]On topic, I forgot to talk about Black Widow’s death. That was heart-wrenching. The Russos sure do like having close people be forced to kill their loved ones for the greater good…

Oh, and I’m a Clint fan now. His arc was great.[/spoiler]


I read that whole thing, dangit.

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Oh yeah meepinater didn’t saw endgame…so I hope you didn’t get that much spoiled buddy.



Only one death

And that is enough for you, when you see spoiler tags don’t read them.

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[spoiler]There really doesn’t need to be. The point is, Thanos is strong, effective, and a frightening fighter. Whatever the sword is made of matters little; it just shows the weakness of human technology and ability compared to Titan.

I doubt it’s Uru, seeing how Thanos seemed to have visited Nidavellir for the first time before IW, but why couldn’t she have? She destroyed an Infinity Stone, for crying out loud. Maybe that’s just because of her connection to them, but I digress. I do find it cool that the sword was made to balance, though.[/spoiler]

Ooh, something I just realized, all you Quill haters finally got your happy revenge with that Rhodes punch.

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Well maybe it was made out of uru and it wasn’t enchanted since Thanos doesn’t have the odin force and that is the reason why it got broke by Scarlett Witch and also get destroyed when thrown towards the Quantam realm.

But Thanos hadn’t killed any of the dwarves before Ragnarok, so unless there’s another place to forge weapons of that kind, I find it unlikely. And for the Odin force, Cap did catch Stormbreaker, though I don’t remember if he used it outside of that.

Um you know that we are talking about the Thanos from 2014? The Dwarves didn’t die because he didn’t had the infinity gauntlet and even so he could still have uru metal. And Cap was able to wield the Stormbreaker because he fulfilled the enchantments demands and it was to be worthy and pure of heart.

[spoiler]I find it much less likely for Thanos to have visited the forge without performing his purpose than him just having a blade that can cut through vibranium.

And Stormbreaker doesn’t have the enchantments, only Mjolnir was cursed by Odin.[/spoiler]

We are talking about Thanos here, of course he would have done as he pleased and maye got a uru blade also Stormbreaker might not have enchantments but it still needs for someone to be strong will and idk what to hold it.

[spoiler]If Thanos would have done what he had pleased, the forge would be half gone, or all gone like it was in IW. I’m just saying, I highly doubt he made the sword there, but I also highly doubt it matters. As I’ve said, all that matters is that it, paired with Thanos’ strength, can tear apart the thin amount of vibranium used to make Cap’s shield. It was epic anyways.

Stormbreaker doesn’t necessarily require anything to hold it (which is why Groot Jr. was perfectly fine with his arm and everything), but to use it, you have to be as tough as Thor or Hulk or Thanos, as Thor explained.[/spoiler]

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[spoiler]Maybe because it was thin and Thanos was strong and skilled with the short that he managed to destroy it.

The Stormbreaker requires strength to be properly wielded.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.

When is that said?[/spoiler]

In Infinity War by Thor?

Oh, you mean power strength, not muscles