Avengers: Endgame

I concur.

I feel like too many times people look at deleted scenes and instantly think that because they were deleted they must have been good (even though that’s exactly the opposite of the truth).

I’ve been seeing a lot of people say the kneeling scene is more impactful than the funeral scene, but it really offers nothing that the funeral scene already doesn’t. Sure, it’s right there in the moment and everyone is in costume, but the funeral is so much more nuanced and well-crafted. We get everyone there, not as superheroes, but as actual people, and we get everyone we’ve ever met along the entire 10 year journey that Tony started, all the way back to Nick Fury.

We even get people like Harley that Tony affected through his life showing up that wouldn’t be possible in the kneeling scene. It’s much less corny than the kneeling as well, and we actually get to mourn along with the characters while contemplating what has actually just occurred, in a moment where there is no ambiguity that he’s actually dead and won’t just pop back up.

The kneeling scene feels cheap and show-offish. It feels like we’re saying goodbye to Iron Man, the superhero. But who we’re really saying goodbye to is the man inside the suit, Tony Stark, the man who was once a selfish warmonger and who was now, finally, at rest as a selfless hero. And that all culminates with the image of the original arc reactor at the end of the funeral scene.

So yea, the kneeling scene was an interesting, okay idea. But it was cut for a reason, and it should stay cut.


Everyone was talking about unfinished hulk but I’m sorry; I can’t help but laugh at how bad unfinished rocket is. He looks like video game character next to everyone else.


He looks fine to me…

Until there’s an upclose shot where you see it’s completely emotionless. It’s not hulk level bad but still it’s funny just how unfitting he is. Might be the first movie I know that the deleted scenes are visibly unfinished.


Looking more closely, I can see it now. He does look like a video game character in that shot… where is his fur? He doesn’t even have fur!!!

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Oh yeah; in the two deleted scenes he’s in you hear his lines and he does speak; but it’s so rough draft his mouth stays closed and never moves. it’s hilarious seeing the full movie vs the few deleted scenes that obviously were never completed.

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That’s pretty standard practice for Marvel, movies that rely on CGI, or animated films. I remember deleted scenes from Guardians of the Galaxy featured rough versions of Rocket and Groot.


Deleted scenes will often get axed at different points in production. Some stuff is cut early on (like the Rocket and Hulk ones that didn’t have final texturing, facial rigging or lighting applied to the CGI models). Other stuff is cut very late and has already been completed (and therefor looks “finished”).

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