Avengers: Words War Ep.1


  • Steve Rogers
  • A.K.A.
  • Captain America.
  • Name.
  • Bucky Barnes.
  • A.K.A.
  • The Winter Soldier.
    Now, I know what you think.
  • Name.
    Why are the Avengers interrogated by a robot?
  • A.K.A.
    Isn’t something to fancy, believe me.
  • Name.
  • I don’t really have one.
  • A.K.A.
  • Vision.
  • Name.
  • Tony Stark.
  • A.K.A.
  • Iron Man.
    I am Tony Stark. All of the original Avengers and the new ones are interrogated because last week was worst even than the Sokovia thing. I think is time to tell you our story.
  • Name.
  • Wolverine.
  • A.K.A.
  • Wolverine.
    OK, so let’s start. It was Monday. I and Peter were in the Avengers tower. We finished a mission. We and Thor were somewhere in Asgard and fought with some blue guys. In that mission, we fought to take back the Tessaract, the Space Infinity Stone. It was pretty simple, and Thor gave me the Stone. I and Peter went to the tower.
  • So, mister Stark, Peter said, what is this stone? Why it is so important?
  • It is an Infinity Stone.
  • A what?
  • A stone with infinite power. It was in Asgard, over it was attacked.
  • So what are you gonna do with it?
  • I have an plan.
    I had plan. For a long time, I was researching for a way to improve the NASA spaceships, to help people to arrive more quickly on Mars or other planets. I choose to make a portal, to send the spaceships from the atmosphere to a small distance by the other planet’s atmosphere. I succeeded by asking Thor for the Tessaract, knowing that it have greater powers. The battle was just a little context for Thor to give me the Stone.
    I took Peter and we went to the portal room. I already built it. We needed only to put the Tessaract in it. Right in that moment, the door opened, and Pepper entered in the room.
  • Ahhh Tony? She asked. What are you doing?
  • Pepper! Oh… Nothing to important.
  • This is what you told me when you built the first suit.
  • Yes but…
  • Anyway. Doctor Banner called you while you was gone. He told you about some sort of party for
    the scientists. He will be there. He asked if you will be there too.
  • Yes. Tell him that I will be there in a hour.
  • Tony, the party already began!
  • Oh… OK! I said, while he was going. I go right now.
  • Uhhh…. Mister Stark? Peter said. What should I do?
  • Oh yeah! The portal! Pepper, I call Banner and tell him I am coming.
  • Uff… OK.
    I wanted to finish the portal and go to the party. I put the Tessarac into the machine, and then I turned it on.
  • OK, Peter. Here is what I want you to do. You stay here for some hours while I am at the party. I
    Want you to watch this thing to make shore everything is good. Can you do this?
  • Sure!
  • OK bye!

Already was fine. Mans in suits. Ladies in dresses. I and banner were next to the chairs and we were talking about the portal.

  • You did it again, Stark! He said. NASA will give you tons of monies for this thing.
  • Thank you, Bruce!
  • But I have a question: we see in the battle of New York that the Tessaract have bigger powers
    than to teleport somebody at 3-4 light years away. What if the portal wont resist and will explode?
  • No, Bruce, I am sure that the portal is powerful enough.
  • Maybe.
    Then my phone rang. It was Peter!
  • Excuse me, Bruce, but I need to talk with Parker for a short time.
  • OK.
    I went outside of the building and I response to Peter.
  • Yeah?
  • Mister Parker, we have a problem.
  • What?
  • Something with the portal! Something bad!
  • What?
  • The monitor of the portal.
  • Yeah, what is with it?
  • He is all red and say things that I don’t understand! I am only in the high school!
  • You can’t understand anything?
  • I think I can’t even read this. The Inter-acord-reactor… No, I can’t, sorry.
  • Nothing?
  • Oh, another message appeared. And I can read this one! It say “Warning: Interdimensional
    breaches are created.
    In that moment, I realized that I am in troubles.
  • And is a map! There are a lot of red points in our state! Mister Stark, what should I do?
  • Tell Pepper to call Thor or something, and to tell him to come at the Avenger Tower! Right now!
  • Yes sir!
    I ran to the building, where Banner was drinking some coffee.
  • Bruce we have a big problem!
  • You look so scared! What is it?
  • The portal.
  • The portal?
  • Yes, we need to do something right now! You was right, the portal was too weak! It makes
    Interdimensional breaches all across our state!
    Then I stopped, and I saw how Bruce was more scared than me. Then I saw his eyes, they were turned in green.
  • Bruce.
  • Ye…Yea…Yeah?
  • What sort of coffee did you drank.
    He shut up.
  • Oh no, no caffeine!
    His skin started to turn to green.
  • No, no! Friday, give me a armor! Right now!!!
  • Yes boss, the Mark 24 is coming.
    All of them listened to me, but then I saw why. Bruce became the Hulk, and he was destroying some stairs.
  • Bruce!
    The Hulk looked at me.
  • Calm down, Bruce, we can do this!
  • Stark… he said with his very deep voice. You… screw this…
  • Yes, I know.
    Hulk was calming down for a minute, when something hit him. The something exploded, and Hulk became angry again.
  • Hey! I shouted. Who did this?
    I looked at the direction where the projectile come from. On a little balcony there was a guy in black suit, with a bat-like mask and a big cape.
  • Ha! I see you like the black a lot! Who are you.
    The figure jumped from the balcony in front of Hulk.
  • I am Batman.
  • What an original name!
  • Get out of here, civilian! This is a monster!
    Hulk was ready to smash that guy. Just in time, my armor destroyed a window and put itself on me. The Batman was looking weird at me.
  • I will tell you only once: leave my friend alone!
  • So you two are tighter.
  • Enough talk! Hulk said. Smash!
    He took Batman from his leg and throw him at ten meters away. Batman used a grappling hook to catch Hulk’s left leg and to creep it on the floor over him. Then he punch him very hard in his nose. I flied over him and I wanted to kick him, but I couldn’t because he ran from my way. I started to fly trying to plan my next attack, when he said:
  • You are the one who brought us here!
  • Who brought you?
  • Yes!
  • What us?
  • Me and my friends! The Justice League! We were fighting in Gotham City, and after these we
    woke up to an alternative New York!
    Then I understood: they were took from their dimension by the interdimentional breaches! They—at least him—are bewildered!
  • Look, buddy, you need to know something!
    Right when I believed that Batman will hear me out, Hulk punched him so bad, that he broke the roof with it. Batman disappeared.
  • This wasn’t really necessary.

I and Hulk went to the Avenger tower. There Peter was looking like a dumb at the screen.

  • Mister Stark!
  • I know Peter! Friday, how many breaches the portal cause?
  • Around 21 boss.
  • What exit from them?
  • 21 persons, boss.
  • This is not good.
    This time, Hulk became Bruce Banner again.
  • So, he said. What are we gonna do now?
  • Assemble the Avengers? Suggested Peter.
  • No, I said, the New Avenger’s won’t help us. Captain America won’t help us.
  • Then at least let’s assemble the other Avengers! Bruce said. Thor, the Panther, Vision!
  • 6 vs. 21? This doesn’t seem to be a fair fight! No, we need reinforcements! We will search for
    every non-Avenger hero. There are some.
  • And what are we gonna do with the Portal?
  • We will use it to transfer those guys back to their word.
  • This seems to be a good plan! Banner said.
    Then something exploded.
  • Friday, I asked, what happened?
  • The door was destroyed!
  • By who?
    The portal screen changed. The three Avenger saw three guys walking in the hallway. One of them was Batman.
  • Oh, no!
  • How does he found us? Bruce asked.
  • Doesn’t matter. Peter go and tell Pepper to hide! After this come to the hallway. You will find
    us there!
  • Yes, sir!
  • I have a bad feeling about this.
    And I was right.

The way your formatted this story is hard to read and really confuses me as to what’s going on.


Ughhhh! And how would you want to write it?
Look read this, and I will make the others like this:
Batman: You sucks!
Thor: You too!
This should be clear enough.

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Not bad, m8.

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What does this mean?


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Or just write it like a normal narrative?


Yes, I could do this, but I like to use the dialogue more. I feel this is send more information.
Anyway, you like it?

You can send more information if you describe something. You’re focused on plot telling, not story telling. While dialogue is a huge part of stories, the larger part is establishing the world and characters. What you wanna do is tell people a plot, not a story. There’s a difference between those two. Plots are a bare-bones outline of the story, but the story is where the real adventure begins.

Also this is a common beginner’s mistake called “show, don’t tell.” If you only tell people what’s going on, the reader feels like the author isn’t giving them enough to go off of. Readers like to imagine things through description.

There’s a reason comic books have more emphasis on dialogue: they already have pictures for the readers to see. The pictures do half the story telling. However, you have no pictures here, thus the reader doesn’t know what is even going on.


OK, you know what? Let’s face it: I am not very good at descriptions. This is my main problem. I will try in episode two, but it won’t be on the boards too soon because I want to do a giant thing in LDD.

I look forward to it. Try to practice and be imaginative with your description.